[Encyclopedia of fruit shaved ice]_ production method _ home practice

It is said that July is like a fire. Indeed, in the hot summer, people can’t help but eat fruit shaved ice to relieve the heat.

Although there are various cold drink shops and beverage shops selling fruit shaved ice in the market, after all, fruit shaved ice in these places is not hygienic. Moreover, many unscrupulous businesses will not place real fruit in fruit shaved ice for their own profits, andIt is a fruit-flavored flavor, which is likely to bring some bad effects to the body when consumed by people.

Method 1: The right amount of ice cubes, the right amount of melon, the right amount of dragon fruit, the right amount of honey, the right amount of honey beans Step 1. The corresponding fruit is ready, just pick what you like.

(Figure 1) 2. Cut the fruit into small dices and set aside.

(Picture 2) 3. Take out the ice cubes. You can freeze the ice cubes by yourself.

(Figure 3) 4. Pack the ice cubes in a fresh-keeping bag, and use a rolling pin to knock them into crushed ice cubes.

You can also use a blender to make it finer.

But what you break with a rolling pin is crushed dregs, so it’s very fun to eat!

You choose!

(Figures 4 and 5) 5. When the materials are ready, you can load them. Take a glass, use a spoon to dig some dross, and put some honey beans.

(Figure 6) 6, put a layer of ice on honey beans, and then put diced fruit.

(Figure 7) 7. Put a little ice on the top layer, pour honey, and garnish with red cherry. The delicious shaved ice is ready!

(Figures 8 and 9) Tip 1. It is good to freeze the ice cubes by yourself, but be sure to use boiling water or pure water. Eating with cold water may cause diarrhea!

2. The fruits in it can be used freely. Just put whatever fruits you like.

Method 2: One watermelon ice shaving machine, one small watermelon, two spoons of condensed milk, one chocolate watermelon shaved ice. First, prepare an ice shaving machine and cut the watermelon in half to dig out the flesh and squeeze the flesh.Watermelon juice is then poured into the ice box, and the watermelon peels are frozen together in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours. The ice cubes are taken out and placed in the ice shaving machine (the picture of the white flavored ice cubes is used here). The watermelon peel is connected to the ice shaver as a container., Pull the wrench and start shaving the ice. Put some watermelon flesh on the shaved ice (the remaining half of the watermelon has some flesh), pour condensed milk and sprinkle some chocolate needles to complete!

Method 3: Double-layered mango shaved ice[basic syrup]800g of water, 330g of fine sugar, 60g of beet sugar, 160g of maltose, 2g of brown sugar, and 0 of cold powder.

4 grams (1/4 teaspoon), 0 gelatine powder.

7g (1/4 teaspoon)[mango jelly](4 servings) 100g mango, 100g water, 100g basic syrup, 0 gelatine powder.

4 grams (1/4 teaspoon), cold weather powder 0.

7g (1/4 teaspoon)[mango syrup]60g mango, 100g basic syrup, 2 tsp mango jam[dried mango]40g dried mango, basic syrup with double layered mango shaved ice[basic syrup]1, prepareWash and sterilize glass bottles at 100 ° C.

Weigh all materials (Note: Generally, many home kitchen scales do not reach 0.

1 largest unit, at this time you can use 1/4 teaspoon to measure gelatine powder and cold sky powder).

2. Add water to the thick-bottomed milk pan, add gelatine powder and cold-weather powder, and let stand until fully swelled.

3. Turn on the fire and stir until completely melted.

4. Then add maltose, brown sugar, and beet sugar in order.

Stir thoroughly with each addition.

5, turn off the heat immediately after boiling (easy to overflow the pan, do not leave) 6, add fine sugar, stir until fully dissolved.

7. While it is hot, fill it in a glass bottle, keep it upside down, and store it in the refrigerator.

[Mango jelly](prepared one day in advance) 1. Cut the mango into small dices and put it into a mold 2. Put water in a small milk pan, then add gelatine powder and cold powder, and let it stand until it is fully swelled.

3, boil on high heat and then add basic syrup, turn off after boiling again.

4. Pour into the mold with the mango.

5. Refrigerate and freeze in the refrigerator.

[Dried Dried Mango](prepared one day in advance) 1. Cut suitable small pieces of dried mango.

2. Add an appropriate amount of syrup and mix the glucose under refrigeration.

[Mango Syrup]1. Cut the mango into small pieces.

2. Add mango to the mixing tank, then add syrup and mango jam.

3. Stir into the mud.

Just fine.[Combination]1. Use a shaving machine to shave an appropriate amount of shaved ice. 2. Put mango jelly on it.

3. Shave an appropriate amount of shaved ice.

4. Finally, put the mango syrup on the forest and put the dried mango.

Tip 1. Regarding the practice of shaved ice: you can directly freeze milk, and you can freeze cold boiled water.

Both are OK.

Please note that the ice of the milk shaving is easy to get rid of.

2. If beet sugar is not easy to buy, you can use disugar instead.

3, the best base syrup is divided into small bottles, do more can be divided into many uses.