Diabetes has a high probability of dying

Diabetes has a major feature: patients with treatment, can prolong life; without treatment, there will be many complications, loss of life.

The survey shows that the diabetes patients with diabetes have a blood glucose compliance rate of only 1/3. A considerable number of patients do not go to the hospital to seek distance treatment. One day is one day, and finally they can only eat their own fruits.

The following four cases have prevention. The Life Times asked the director of the Diabetes Center of Peking Union Medical College Hospital to give an opinion to Professor Hong Ding.

  Case 1: Mr. Wang is 30 years old and his mother has diabetes.

  In the physical examination, he found that the fasting blood glucose exceeded 7 mmol/L, and went home to eat the mother’s oral medication for two days, reducing the amount of meals and increasing the amount of exercise.

After two days, check the blood sugar to below 7 millimoles / liter, and then no longer control.

  To Red Ding: This patient can be diagnosed with diabetes.

He does not check the blood sugar and liver and kidney function two hours after the meal, and it is wrong to eat the medicine taken by his mother. Because the condition of the person is different, it cannot be copied.

His diet and exercise therapy are good, but they must be persistent.

In addition, fasting blood glucose drops below 7 mmol / liter, should not meet the standard for 30-year-old patients, should be reduced to below 6 millimoles / liter.

  Case 2: Ms. Chen is 50 years old and found high blood sugar 10 years ago.

  She believes that Western medicine has a large side effect, has been eating Chinese medicine and health care products, and insisted on “food therapy” according to others.

Blood sugar is sometimes high and sometimes low, up to 10 or more, sometimes normal, and too low blood sugar.

Recently, proteins have been found in the urine.

  Xianghong Ding: At present, the Western medicine used in clinical practice is far less than the therapeutic effect.

Need to remind everyone that Chinese medicine is not without replacement, and some people with diabetes are suffering from uremia due to disorderly Chinese medicine.

Diet therapy and some health care products have a certain effect, but they are not strong and definitely cannot replace medicine.

Diabetes treatment is expensive, and the 50-year-old patient has a fasting blood glucose intake of more than 6 mmol/L and a blood glucose level of more than 8 mmol/L two hours after a meal.

If the blood sugar does not meet the standard for a long time, the bid will be issued.

The increase in urinary albumin is the beginning of diabetic nephropathy, which is the price paid by the patient for treatment failure and must be corrected.

  Case 3: Ms. Jiang is 60 years old and type 2 diabetes is 12 years old.

  Oral medicine will be eaten when you think of it. If you forget it, you will not eat it.

It is very troublesome to go to the hospital and check blood sugar for almost a year.

The doctor recently let her play insulin. She didn’t want to, and she used the original oral medicine to eat a lot.

  To the red Ding: Diabetes treatment must be standardized, regular, this patient does not seriously seek medical treatment, medication, monitoring, diabetes can not be controlled well, the emergence of complications is inevitable.

It should be noted that even if the oral dose is doubled, it is not a substitute for insulin therapy.

This patient has been in the hospital for more than 10 years and has not been cured. She should consider taking insulin. I suggest that she go to a good hospital to develop a correct treatment plan.

  Case 4: Xiaohui is 15 years old and has a very fat body. He went to the hospital to check his blood sugar and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

  Parents are afraid that after he has taken the medicine, he will never be able to pick up the hat of diabetes in this life. He is afraid that he will be with the medicine in his life and insist that he should not be allowed to take the medicine.

Just let him lose weight.

  Xiang Ding: The incidence of type 2 diabetes in children is increasing. Children are usually accompanied by obesity, insulin resistance, acanthosis nigricans, high blood sugar and ketoacidosis.

For children with type 2 diabetes mellitus, diet therapy and exercise weight loss are necessary tools.

Many children with type 2 diabetes are also associated with high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, and a small number of livers. Therefore, simple diet and exercise therapy are difficult to achieve blood glucose levels. Drugs such as metformin should be taken to lower blood sugar, reduce resistance, and protect micro-islands.cell.

Some parents worry that children have become “medicine jars” since they were young. In fact, after taking many drugs, they can consider stopping the drugs.