[How long can cucumbers be kept]_How to store_Storage time

Cucumbers can be stored for about a week under normal conditions, but dehydration will occur and affect the nutritional value of cucumbers. Therefore, it is best to store cucumbers in the refrigerator so that the cucumber will lose less water.

Cucumber is a fresh ingredient. We can wrap the cucumber with a paper towel, put it in a plastic bag, and squeeze the air out of the plastic bag. This can shorten the storage time.

The hot summer is coming and the season of cucumber flooding is coming. The nutritional content of cucumber is really very high, and many people like to eat it.

I also know how long it will take after the cucumber is bought back. It will not taste as good as fresh cucumber.

Even if we put the cucumber in the refrigerator, the cucumber will freeze on the edge of the refrigerator and make the cucumber rot. It will not be good for a long time.

Now let ‘s teach you a little trick. Let ‘s not put cucumbers in the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator. Cucumbers can still keep the freshness, and they wo n’t spoil or spoil. Let ‘s take a look at how cucumbers stay fresh.

First we prepare the materials, paper towels.

With plastic bag.

After the ingredients are ready, put the cucumbers on a paper towel and wrap them. Let’s set them aside after we wrap them.

Then this cucumber also wraps it with the same function, and then prepares a plastic bag. If it is better to have a fresh-keeping bag at home, we put the cucumber in a plastic bag so that we can keep the air in the fresh-keeping bagCome out.

After the cucumber is wrapped, and then the mouth is tied, then the cucumber can be placed in the refrigerator for storage, and the storage time is longer than the original, and it will not affect the taste of the cucumber.