】 _How to peel_Peeling method

[How fast is garlic peeling?
】 _How to peel_Peeling method

Garlic is an essential kitchen condiment in our daily life. Whether it is pasta or cooking, we will add garlic to season it.

Many people also like vinegar and garlic, sugar garlic, etc., not only taste good, but also have health effects such as lowering blood pressure and conditioning the spleen and stomach.

However, many people love to eat garlic, but the process of peeling and worrying really needs a little patience. So how should garlic be peeled and moved?

How fast is garlic peeling?

Place the garlic directly on the fence and cut off the tail of the garlic.

Tap the garlic directly on the side of the knife, usually one or two times. It’s easy to see if the garlic is completely separated from the skin.

The nutritional value of garlic is good for raw sterilization. During the heating process, the content of organic sulfide with antibacterial effect will gradually decrease, and the temperature will gradually decrease, so the cooked garlic will not have good sterilization effect.

Cold garlic dishes are used at home, and garlic dumplings with vinegar and a small amount of sesame oil are all healthy ways to eat dumplings.

Shabu-shabu with a little sugar to protect the garlicProtective effect, can reduce the destruction of allicin by high temperature.

Purple skin garlic is more bacteriostatic than white skin garlic. According to the color of the skin, it can be divided into white skin garlic, purple skin garlic, black skin garlic, etc. Among them, white skin garlic and purple skin garlic are more common.

Compared with white-skinned garlic, purple-skinned garlic has a more spicy taste, a higher content of the active ingredient allicin, and a more obvious bacteriostatic effect.

The one-headed garlic is more resistant to cancer. The one-headed garlic is actually a plant with insufficient nutrition and stunted growth, and cannot produce multiple bulbs of garlic.

Its spicy taste is unique and has certain medicinal value. The cancer effect of cancer is higher than that of ordinary garlic.