Beijing Football Association “decoupling” two years into 5A association
As the ambassador of the tournament, Yu Dabao attended the opening ceremony of the 2019-2020 Beijing Youth Football Club League.Photo / Osports Since 2017, Beijing football has taken the road of “separation of management and management” for two years.Sauna, Yewang recently interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Football Association. After the “decoupling”, the Beijing Football Association, which won the title of 5A-level social group this year, has made good progress in campus football, grass-roots coach and referee training, butAlso facing new issues of survival and development.The use of writing / sauna, the night net coach Zhou Xiao ‘s management of reduced-door biology, and the creation of E-level youth training has always been one of the hot topics in Chinese football. It is generally accepted that there are few good grassroots coaches.Judging from the situation in recent years, the training and management of grassroots coaches in Beijing have been replaced on the right track.  In March 2016, the “Coach Coach Management System”, pioneered by the Beijing Football Association, went online and achieved grid and information management. At present, the number of registered coaches at all levels in the city has reached 3,550.According to the relevant regulations of the Chinese Football Association, coaches are divided into occupations, A, B, C, D five levels, but the City Football Association created E level as an entry level.Yu Lin, senior director of the Technical Department of the Municipal Football Association, said: “The E-level coach training class is the most enthusiastic to register, and it is often full within a few seconds of opening the class. Many people hope to learn football by studying in the E-level class.”At present, there are 107 youth training institutions among the member units of the Beijing Football Association. As industry managers, the Municipal Football Association requires the number of coaches and grades of the youth training institutions in the register respectively.In addition, the Football Association also has related cooperation with various professional clubs, and young players who cannot enter the first team can also learn the conversion of coach qualifications.From the current situation, the proportion of retired players working as military coaches is not high.The suggestion made by Liu Jun, the executive vice chairman of the Municipal Football Association and the secretary general, hopes to improve the placement and placement of grassroots coaches to attract more former professional players to join the grassroots.  In today’s Chinese football, the focus of the game is often enforced by “foreign whistle”. At the same time as the level of Chinese football against criticism, the ability of domestic referees to enforce the law is also questioned.Raising the level of football has always been a “supporting process”. The preparation of the referee team ‘s Taki is undertaken by local football associations. The progress can be trimmed from a set of numbers: the number of referees registered in the Beijing Football Association in 2015 was more than 800. This year ‘sThe number of registered persons reached more than 2,800.  At the same time as the number of people increases, the referee training also faces difficulties. Yu Lin revealed: “The referee and the coach are completely different training methods. As a part-time individual, the turnover rate of the referee is actually very high, the turnover rate of each levelAbout 60%.Because the referee has a low budget, the law enforcement is difficult, and the social evaluation is not very good. Although many people are registered referees, they are not very active.In response to this situation, the Municipal Football Association is taking measures to make changes, such as continuing education based on the training of graded coaches and referees every year, and the establishment of municipal elite referees, etc., so that Taki can tamping some more.  Campus football achieves “millennium integration” At present, Beijing has fully realized the “globalization integration” Beijing development model of the deep integration of youth campus football sports and education.Liu Jun told the sauna,, “union integration” is organized for implementation, high-level talent training, competition activity system, high-level coaches, referee training system, competition registration management, football field sharing, training and youth trainingIntegration of institutional integration and development.  From the development of the Beijing Youth Football Club League (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing Youth League), we can see the progress of “integration”-this event was officially opened in March 2018 after the grading competition was launched in 2017.The participating team is a youth club registered with the Municipal Football Association. The children participating in the club have the dual status of club members and school team members, which makes them very tired. “At that time, the Municipal Football Association and the education system organized the games separately. Sometimes the children would appear in the morning.Participate here, hurry to another game in the afternoon.”Liu Jun said.After the integration of the competition, this problem was solved: Monday to Friday is the campus competition time, and the Football Association tournament is held on the weekend.  After the business development is still struggling to explore the “separation of management”, survival and how to survive better has become a new issue faced by the Beijing Football Association, especially the funding issue.Said the sauna, Yewang understands that the total amount of cash and material supplementary sponsorship that the City Football Association can obtain is not ideal. The City Football Association continues to support the development of football through social crowdfunding, but the scale of business development is still serious, and it is difficult to explore.the way.  Regarding the current situation faced by the Municipal Football Association, Liu Jun said: “After decoupling, local associations have been fully pushed to the market. Survival and development are the real problems we have to solve.”From the perspective of sponsorship, there is a gap between the brand events owned by the Municipal Football Association and the needs of the enterprise, but it is only a competitive game. The Beijing Youth League still has a 37-year-old” 100 Team Cup “, which is difficult to meet the expectations of corporate sponsorship.Requirements such as exposure.This problem is also an embarrassing situation faced by Chinese football-the prosperity of the top professional leagues has reactivated grassroots football and youth football.  According to the sauna, Yewang understands that the City Football Association hopes to promote market development by integrating resources and other means next year. This is a new issue facing local associations in addition to industry management and competition organization.