Kenneth·Kuler certainly understands Frank·Robinson means“Can i ask you to help me figure out who i’m offending,How to resolve this trouble?”,He nodded happily:“of course,Don’t forget my major is this,”
Paused,Kenneth·Kuler raised three fingers:“Consultation fee of US$30,000,Still the old rules,Pay first5000USD,Invalid refund。”
Frank·What else can Robinson do?
He cursed in a low voice,But had to sign a check to Kenneth·Kule……I didn’t even sell a helicopter.,This damn bastard has already made fifty thousand dollars from himself,These damn brokers are just a bunch of special blood-sucking leeches!
Compared to Frank·Robinson,Kenneth·Kule’s mood is much happier,He breathed slightly,Flicked the check in hand,Frank·Robinson says:“Mr. Robinson,You need to wait a few more days this time,Meet here three days later……correct,please do not worry,Before my results are out,The City Hall Government Procurement Committee will not remove your helicopter‘Appeal’List of。”
Frank·Robinson thinks he wants to scold his mother。
First831chapter Still bowed
Frank who wants to scold his mother·Robinson,When you know RobinsonR22After the real reason why it was rejected by the Purchasing Committee of the Grand Rapids City Hall,I don’t even have the strength to scold my mother,He muttered weakly:“How can they do this?How can they do this?”
Looking at poor frank·Robinson,Kenneth who knows the whole story·Kuler didn’t say a word:RobinsonR22Is the reason for rejection very outrageous??Do not,Not outrageous at all,He has seen many more reasons than this,I can only say this Frank·Robinson rejected someone who shouldn’t be rejected,Or the way he refused is wrong,It’s not that I can’t refuse,But you rejected the other person so shamelessly,If they don’t mess with you?
Even in Kenneth·Kuler’s opinion,Fernandez·Chen has shown restraint,It’s just in this way that I implicitly show my muscles and strength,And in my own experience over the years,Those who shouldn’t be rejected because they were rejected、The example that eventually led to the destruction of his own family,See too much,It’s not uncommon at all。
Frank muttering nonstop·Robinson,Suddenly stood up:“I’m going to tell the media!I want the people of the United States to know about him Fernandez·Chen’s face,I need to……”
This idiot!
Kenneth·Kule looked at him coldly,Suddenly asked:“What about your evidence?”