Chapter four hundred and thirteen Cut its wings
News that Lu Menglin was taken away,Soon it was also spread to Sheng Hall。
Received this message,Chen Tianjiao was also taken aback。
“Haha!God helps me too!This fortune is coming,No one can stop!”Chen Tianjiao patted the table in public and laughed。
“I knew it,This kid’s fortune is too abnormal!This time, it’s probably his backstage collapse,Of course it hurts him。do not care,Take advantage of his illness,Kill him!Marketing Department continues to increase investment,Strive for within the first half of the year,Swallow the entire market!I want him to have nothing!”Chen Tianjiao made a decisive decision,Launched ahead of schedule the market decisive battle against the blood legend。
He doesn’t worry about what Lu Menglin has any future players,This battle itself is the dominant side,You can use it,Crush the opponent head-on,Now Lu Menglin is taking action,Just to give him the opportunity to use a smaller cost,Speed up the process of winning this victory。
Come out from Shengdong Hall Company,Zhou Dashen returned to his residence,Still can’t help calling someone。
“Sister So Yeon,Did my Menglin have news??”The number one celebrity in the grand lobby,Actually it’s the child Zhou Zhuojun,He was lurking in Sheng Lobby Company under the instruction of Lu Menglin,Now something happened to Lu Menglin,Of course he has to ask。
Kim Soyeon whispered on the phone:“No news yet,Where’s your side?”
Zhou Zhuojun shook his head,Said:“It’s not like it was done by Sheng Dadong。Chen Tianjiao just received the news,He is very happy,Also mobilize the whole company,Ready to fight。”
“Not Chen Tianjiao’s method?strange!Who would do it?”Kim So Yeon’s heart sank.,More and more worried。
“Why don’t I call Brother Nan and Brother Fat Dun?!People must still be in the deep city,It shouldn’t be difficult to find out。”Zhou Zhuojun thought for a while,Come up with ideas。
Kim So Yeon is flustered,Nodded:“it is good!You contact them first,Chen Jiannan has eyes and ears in Shencheng,Maybe I can find out some news。”
“Ok,I’ll do it。Notify me if there is news。”Zhou Zhuojun hung up after speaking。
Kim So Yeon stared at the darkness outside the window,be terribly upset。