Come out of Michael’s scrap company,Anderson can’t hold back anymore,Asked Chen Geng excitedly:“boss,You really plan to sell these scrapped parts to car repair companies all over Detroit?”
If Mr. Fernandez is really ready to put these intact、Disassembled parts that can be used normally are sold to auto repair companies in Detroit and even the entire Michigan,This is an unimaginably big business。
“Ok,”Chen Geng nodded:“I just thought of this,Only our family can’t use so many parts,What to do with the rest?Put it in the warehouse and use it slowly?Still waiting for rust?This is not a good way,Since we can’t use it,Why not sell to others?Since our maintenance system works,Other car repair companies can also use it.?
As long as we set a price that is sufficiently cost-effective for these second-hand auto parts,Those auto repair companies have no reason not to——Before others have discovered this opportunity,Let’s take this opportunity to firmly grasp the first opportunity,Wait for this market to grow,There can be only one company,But we are the early adopters,You have to be the biggest one。”
In Chen Geng’s view,These scrap car dismantling companies are actually golden mountains covered with a layer of soil.,What I have to do before others realize that these mounds are actually Jinshan,As far as possible,But there is no need to tell Anderson these words。
Anderson nodded excitedly,It seems to have seen the scene of second-hand auto parts arranged from Fernandez appearing on the shelves of auto repair companies in Michigan and the United States.——Such a big business,At least one year has sales of hundreds of millions of dollars?
He quickly said:“boss,Since then you plan to make this business bigger and stronger,Then we have to build a warehouse,Store the parts removed from the scrap company in separate categories,Good to sell to others。”
Chen Geng nodded,He had thought of storage a long time ago,Not only storage,He even thinks farther:Since Chen Tian is in front,Why can’t I focus on where my company is?,Build a Detroit one around“Chen Tian”?
The reason why Chen Tian’s parts can quickly occupy the market,Isn’t it relying on the advantage of cost performance?,If your own scrap parts enter the market at one-third or even one-fourth of the price of new parts,Presumably opening the situation in a short time is not a problem。
Don’t think that Americans don’t like taking advantage,For ordinary people,Live at home,If you can spend less, spend less,The money of the people in any country is not brought by the wind,It’s the same for ordinary Americans,Just tell them clearly that this is a second-hand scrap,cheap price,Same use,Chen Geng doesn’t believe that someone is not moved——To talk about shortcomings,It may be that the use time of the parts is relatively short,But this is not a big problem,The money for a new part replacement is enough to replace the old parts several times,Wait until the next time you change accessories,Maybe my car has been sold for a long time。
Anderson smirked,Blurred eyes,He is already looking forward to such a big business,How much benefit will the boss give to himself?。
Chen Geng,The hand on the carrying car window gently tapped the car window,What is thinking,A moment later,Chen Geng finally made a decision,He turned his head and asked Anderson:“Anderson,If I leave this business to you to run,Are you sure?”