I have always trusted them very much,Never doubted!
But the first time I encountered difficulties,I never thought of asking them to help。
Because I’m afraid they will encounter accidents!
Tang Long is still a fierce character,But Li Xiang and Zhou Zheng are basically very strong in business ability,Can’t help me in other ways!
Let them do what they are not good at,And it’s still a dangerous thing。
Whether as a boss or as a friend,That shouldn’t be what I should do!
hang up the phone,I immediately threw away the phone card。
Go from here to Mengcheng,If you drive,Should take about seven hours!
I only have less than 3,000 yuan in my hand,If you rent a car, you need to mortgage your ID,So it is not suitable for this operation!
I decided to take a taxi!
A few minutes later,I was already sitting in the taxi。
To make the driver feel at ease,I will give him a 1,000 deposit first!
The driver took the deposit,I feel at ease,I don’t look like a bad person,Just drive on the road!
Because the whole journey is less than 500 kilometers,I’ll pay for the high-speed toll,So we agreed to 1,500 yuan。
Looks like a lot,In fact, if you come back and run high speed,Driver’s money,Which is like seven or eight hundred!
It’s hard money to run so far to make this money。
The driver is a taciturn middle-aged man。
The speed is not slow along the way,But no time for speeding,Very smooth!