Having understood this, Lin Yoona no longer struggles with Xiao Fan’s words。
“Xiao Fan,If they really asked us for money,What should we do?”Lin Yuner asked。
Although the Lin family is not short of money,But for Lin Yoona,The money is earned by the family,It is absolutely impossible to give it to Liu Neng and his family for free。
In fact, if you say that this Liu family is a relatively normal family, then forget it,But just that kind of family,Lin Yoona, don’t say he gave them money,Even give them a bite,Lin Yun’er will take half a day。
“Let’s think of a solution at that time,See what reason they ask for money,When we arrive,Let’s decide。”Xiao Fan said。
“I think,It is absolutely impossible for the Liu family to advance with us directly in the name of asking for money,in my opinion,It should be about the same for borrowing money。”Lin Yuna said。
“Borrow money?It is absolutely impossible!”Lin Yoona said with certainty。
“impossible?Why not possible,Why are you so sure?”Xiao Fan asked with some confusion。
“This is the person you don’t know about their Liu family, right?,The Liu family always asks for money from my mother in the name of borrowing money。”Lin Yuner curled her mouth and said。
I rely on,It all works。
Xiao Fan was surprised,But he didn’t say anything。
“and so,What i think,They must think of a perfect reason this time。”Lin Yuna said。
“What perfect reason?”Xiao Fan asked again。
Lin Yuner shook her head,Said:“Then I can’t figure it out,Just such a weird family,Their thoughts,I’m a normal person absolutely can’t guess。”
“Hahahaha……”Xiao Fan couldn’t help laughing。