Yu Ge smiled,“You just started to take a few photos,I feel stupid?Do you think we learned all our skills in one day??Moreover,Not all to blame you,Mainly no one will light us up,This effect is slightly worse,Don’t think about other。”
“Ha ha,It should have nothing to do with lighting,I know you comfort and encourage me,No one to light up,The effect is still good,Thank you Yu Ge。”When they are talking,Someone comes in again。
“Brother Zhao。”Yu Ge saw the boss come in,Just say hello,He knew he must have been sued by his colleague just now。
“Mr. Zhao。”Xia Shuyue hurriedly greeted with a smile,And bend down slightly to show respect。
“Good morning,What’s your name?”Zhao Gang looked at Xia Shuyue,With a smile on his face。
“My name is Xia Shuyue。”
“Correct,Correct,Look at my memory,”Zhao Gang slapped his forehead,Smiling,Turn around and say to the song,“You have to teach her well,She got a teacher,Mr. Zhang invites you to dinner。”
“Bother you。”Xia Shuyue is a little embarrassed。
“I can’t bother,You quickly learn,Zhang Siwei, don’t bother me。”Zhao Gang laughed。
Zhao Gang goes out,Yu Ge follows,Xia Shuyue had to follow。
Go outside,Zhao Gang clap your hands,Everyone hears the voice,All eyes come together,See it is the boss,Come here。
Zhao Gang smiled,“Tell everyone something,This is Xia Shuyue,Sister of a friend of mine,Come to us as an intern,Follow Yu Ge to learn photography,Introduce to everyone。”
Everyone, look at Xia Shuyue,Clap your hands neatly,Express welcome to her。
Zhao Gang introduces Xia Shuyue to everyone,Calm down,After the introduction,And called Xia Shuyue to her office。
“Don’t worry,Follow the song,Zhang Siwei told me,You are very smart,High savvy,It won’t be long before。”Zhao Gang sits down,No courtesy,Straight to the point。