Wang Youcai couldn’t help but laughed:“It turns out that your land is dry,He can’t farm anymore,You just came out。Then he’s not afraid of you going out of the wall?”
“Afraid!Why not be afraid?But I told him,If he doesn’t agree with me,Then I will divorce him,He was also forced to be helpless。But he thinks it’s safe for me to follow you,I didn’t expect you to be a wolf”Meizi said,Hehe laughed。
Wang Youcai said with a cold smile:“Fertilizer does not flow out of the field,You should be clear about this sentence。A woman like you,If i don’t accept,You will still mix with others,It’s not as good as I received,dont you agree?”
“It’s you,Who do you say?I can’t tell you that I tore off a piece of meat from your thigh。Meizi said,Really reach out。
Wang Youcai has taught this woman how strong,He said quickly:“OK OK,I was joking with you,Actually I like the most coquettish woman the most“Wang Youcai said,Can’t help but laugh out loud。
Once the car arrives in Pingdu,Wang Youcai put plum in Xiguan Shizi,He drove the car back home。Haven’t been home for days,He bought some fruits at the fruit shop outside the district,Carried home。
He owns the key,So no knock,But opened the door and walked in。Ni Xiaoli sits on the sofa watching TV with a big belly,When she saw Wang Youcai, she asked coldly:“You still know come back?“
“See what you said,Don’t you have a wife at home??Can i not come back?“Wang Youcai said,Hurriedly carried the fruit into the kitchen,He washed the fruit,And gave it to Ni Xiaoli。
Ni Xiaoli saw that Wang Youcai treated her like this,The anger in my heart is half gone,She took an apple,Talk while eating:“My belly is getting bigger every day,You have to come back more“
“Oh!I know,Where’s your mother?Why didn’t you see her?“Wang Youcai said,And looked at the two bedrooms。
Ni Xiaoli took a breath and said:“My dad is sick,My mother go over and take a look“
“ Does it matter??I am not only busy with things in the mountains these days,And also run home,So I was so busy,Few come home,You just bear more“Wang Youcai lied and came here,No drafting at all。The house is indeed building,But since he took plum into the mountain one day,Never go back。
Ni Xiaoli smiled and said:“Building a house at home is also a big deal,Don’t you have two brothers?I can’t leave everything alone to you“
First1213chapter Jealous
Xiguan Shizi is a more prosperous area in Pingdu。
There is a newly opened private hospital in the south,Meizi walked in from here,She didn’t slowly walk out of it until after two o’clock in the afternoon。It seems that she is struggling to move,It feels like going to the hospital aggravated the condition。