Zhang Haibao burst into laughter,Said to Guo Yingdong:“Chen Xiu is right,You really are an honest and interesting person!”
Both Guo Yingdong and He Rongsheng trembled,They don’t think of their“Grace”Actually mention Chen Xiu。
“You know my identity,And what do you want,I also know。”
Guo Yingdong and He Yingdong are even more excited:“Beg for grace!”
Zhang Haibao shook his head and said:“It’s not time yet,Being a zombie doesn’t mean immortality as you think,Only then will lose more meaning in life。”
Guo Yingdong and He Rongsheng looked at each other,Nodded again,Still said in unison:“Willing to have something,We are willing to give up!”
“not the right time yet。”
Zhang Haibao’s eyes swept over the two of them,Said to Guo Yingdong:“if nothing unexpected happened,You will live to91year old。Enjoy you‘people’Last few years of life,If you still insist on doing this at that time,I will fulfill you!”
“Thanks En Gong!”
Commitment,Guarded the alley for decades,Guo Yingdong finally got what he wanted,Naturally it was a thrill。
“As for you。”
Zhang Haibao is fixed on He Rongsheng,Said:“Your life span is still long,At the age of one hundred and six,If you are still firm in today’s decision,I will let Guo Yingdong visit you!”
“Thanks En Gong!”
He Rongsheng is more excited,I never thought I could live to be over a hundred years old。
The two bowed their heads in worship,After getting up for a long time, Zhang Haibao’s trace has been gone。
Australia Island Airport,A golden Rolls Royce slowly drives to a Boeing747front。