Certainly not good!”
“dad,what are you thinking?
I am still at school.,And are you not all steps??
Don’t you say that is you started from the bottom??”
“How can I have such a terrible idea now??”
Ye Yao is promised,Ye Tiancheng said that there is still some feelings in his heart.,But Ye Yen is rejected.。
He couldn’t help but feel this, the woman is no longer like it.,No longer the one who has always feel good,I have always feel that my girl is a woman.。
At least this moment he feels that this hairie is slowly starting to ripe。
“Mainly you have to take over the morning and evening.,Your father, I also want to retire early.,so what!Ok, deal,You are ready to enter the job.,I will help you for a year and a half.,You soon understand。”
“dad,You are too grass.?”
“mistaken,Little no hormone rate,This is an implied decision,Take advantage of me, I can still calm the people below.,However, you sit in the position of this president,Otherwise I don’t do it one day.,The following people are the most terrible。”
Ye Tiancheng does not have too much reaction time to Ye Yew。
He goes back to convene a meeting。
Then take a person to take Li Hui Feng in a restaurant in Shenzhen.。
By the way, it is also an investigation of the potential of the drug.。
Li Hui also did not expect Ye Tiancheng’s execution so fast。
Morning,In the afternoon, people came.。
However, the other party is not to cooperate.,Instead,,This is to let him have some unexpected,But is also within the acceptance range。
Several people pointing to Ye Tiancheng,Li Anti-style is also charged according to the standards of other customers.。
This is also a shot of Ye Tiancheng。
,Li Hui is simply he has seen the most exclusive young people.。
The two generations he encountered,Basically, the gold is like the soil。
A table, don’t say a few thousand pieces,It is 100,000 million,Those rich second generations are also unsure.。
As a result, Li Hui has finally charged a set of meals for ten dollars.。
Such a style,Let Ye Tiancheng are also speechless。
Take later that he went back to the team under his hand, he wanted something they wanted.,Among them, the main thing is that the six-fourth opening becomes five five.。
waiter,Cashier,Careman even has a chef,Finance these people are their people,They can’t cut these people,This aspect requires expenses and the like,So he feels that there is no problem with the five five ways.。
As for others,Everything is good。
the next day,Ye Tiancheng also took Ye Yao,After all, he is a family business.,Of course, a large part of the talents in the hotel are not their husbands.,But in his company,That is a word of words。
No one will oppose,Ye Yuo’s thing is also very resolute.。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Ye Tiancheng actually took a team to talk to him.。
Seven eight people entered his office,He suddenly felt that his office was not big enough.。
“Ye Shu,Our cooperation is not satisfactory.,We are all old acquaintances.,No need to bring so many people.!”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Ye Tiancheng also laughed。
“Neither,I feel completely necessary.,There must be too much ghost idea you kids.,I am not careful if I am not careful.。”
“alright,Then what do you talk about this condition?,How to cooperate in cooperation?”
Li Hui Rong is so open to see the mountain’s way to make Ye Tiancheng’s people behind himself.。