Feijian Jianshuo!
Fierce and fierce when attacking,Like lightning in the night sky,Full of murder!
When adjusting the position during a stop,Merge with the night,Can’t see Feijian’s whereabouts,It’s like building up strength for the next tear through the night sky。
Bai Qin’an, the elder of the Mianshan Jianzong, shot,Zhu Minglang watched very carefully,If you have the sword repair skills,Should be able to imitate her sword rhyme。
“Sword spirit dragon,Have you learned?”Zhu Minglang asked。
The sword spirit dragon wagging its tail,A look eager to try。
Zhu Minglang turned his head,Seeing a group of Deadpools still not stopping to kill themselves。
Just right!
“Flying sword,Jian Shuo!”
Draw a scoop according to the gourd,Zhu Minglang doesn’t know much about Feijian School,Basically, all sword moves and swordsmanship have to start with imitation。
Bai Qin’an just used his hand,Sword from the Void,Hundreds of meters away, but with the help of flying swords to kill people, it is really smart and smart,Zhu Minglang and Jian Linglong are also in the stage of cultivating tacit understanding,Learn while practicing,After all, the club is invincible!