“The princess sister is very gorgeous today,But sister, I saw you dressed like this more than once,Is there no other better gold and silver jewelry?,Sister this much,I can give the princess sister a little,Lest people misunderstand that the princess’s land is barren,Don’t have much money to treasure treasures。”Flower Dragon Girl also replied。
The princess has an ugly face,If not for the veil,I guess you can see a bit of hideousness。
“One million gold。”The landlord said coldly。
“1.2 million。”Hua Long Nu’s faint way。
“1.5 million gold。”
“1.7 million。”
“Two million gold。”The landlord is no longer competing for son-in-law,I’m totally using money。
Zhu Minglang sighed。
Two million gold!!
I got a million gold on my own!
Although the total value of the items on hand now far exceeds this million gold,But many things can be replaced with gold,How rich are these magnanimous women!!
“This is a moonstone,Half a year ago, a bishop of the Holy See was willing to spend three million gold to buy,I never cut love,I don’t know if the son is interested in Moon Sky Stone?”At this moment,Princess Luoshui spoke,Interrupted the competition between Hualongnu and the landlord。
This kind of treasure is absolutely rare,And it’s very versatile,Come closer,Give Xiaobai Qi,Xiao Baiqi’s Canglong Profound Technique and Canglong bloodline can also raise a realm。