[Can persimmons and sweet potatoes be eaten together]_Recommended diet

Persimmons and sweet potatoes are foods that we often eat, and their nutritional value is good. The vitamin C content in persimmons is rich, contains pectin, and contains accumulated fiber. It has the effect of helping digestion in the stomach. It is also important to understand when eating persimmons.Some diet taboos, so can persimmons and sweet potatoes eat together?

Let’s find out.

When eating persimmons, it is best not to eat sweet potatoes. This is because persimmons are rich in vitamin c, and sweet potatoes contain a certain amount of calcium. Eating two kinds of food together can easily cause gastrointestinal burden and form difficult to digest.Substances can also easily induce the generation of stones.

When eating persimmons, it is best not to fast your stomach, because eating persimmons on an empty stomach can easily stimulate the increase of gastric acid, and stomach acid and the acidic acid in persimmons easily lead to indigestion. These hard lumps accumulate in the stomach and easily form stones.

When eating persimmons, it is best not to eat kelp, which not only affects the body’s absorption of calcium, but also easily forms indigestible lumps.

In addition, when eating persimmons, try not to eat persimmon skin. Persimmon skin has a astringent texture, and the skin is implanted with a lot of acid. If you eat more high-protein foods, it will easily cause stone formation and easy formation.Symptoms of poor digestive tract, such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.

The above is a simple understanding of whether persimmons and sweet potatoes can be eaten together. It is best not to eat the two foods together. It is easy to cause stones, and it is easy to produce bad stimuli, which causes symptoms of abdominal pain and diarrhea. In addition, when eating persimmonsIt is best not to drink alcohol, it is best not to eat persimmon skin, to avoid the formation of stones, and to prevent adverse symptoms and reactions.