[Chocolate Walnut Muffin’s Practice]_Homemade Chocolate Walnut Muffin’s Practice_Chocolate Walnut Muffin Practice_How to Make Chocolate Walnut Muffin

The pressure we need to face every day is very great. If we do n’t treat ourselves well and eat something, it ‘s very sorry for us, and casually at three meals a day, it is easy to make our body suffer from diseases, chocolate.The method of walnut muffin is simple, and it also has a certain decompression effect.

1. Prepare the ingredients 2. Heat and soften the flour (naturally softening is better) Add the chocolate sauce and stir well (you can add chocolate powder) 3. Add the sugar and pass for about 3 minutes 4. Pour the previously stirred chocolate dough into the eggsContinue to uniform inside 5, sieve into baking powder and low-gluten flour 6, add chocolate beans 7 after stirring evenly, and roast the walnuts at 170 degrees for about 8 minutes. After adding the cake, the taste will be better. 8 After that, you can enter the mold 9, the oven is preheated at 170 degrees, and you can cook for yourself for 20-25 minutes. Family members can help you to improve your relationship. The method of chocolate walnut muffin is simple and suitable for home-made.