National football team will arrive in Shanghai, Luo Guofu shows Chinese in front of camera
Luo Guofu signed the fans.Photo / Osports This afternoon, Chinese football players arrived in Shanghai to stay in hotels one after another. The first national football player Luo Guofu showed Chinese in front of the media. “I am Luo Guofu, I am fine, how are you?”The national football team gathered in Shanghai today and plans to train here until the 27th of this month.Among the internationals selected in this issue, the most striking goal is that of Luo Guofu, this is the first time the non-Chinese-born native player was selected to the Chinese national team.This afternoon, Luo Guofu appeared in a black dress, called a mask, in the hotel lobby.For the fans’ signature request, he accepted it patiently and shook hands with the familiar staff to express greetings.Having played in China for nearly 7 years, Luo Guofu is about to put on the Chinese team jersey. Completing his football career is also a major change in his life.Talking about these, Luo Guofu is grateful in addition to joy, “Thanks to the people who have helped me in the past, including the football association and the club, helped me get to this point. The next time is my performance, I will do my best.Luo Guofu’s selection this time is inseparable from the trust of coach Li Tie.The two had a brief encounter with the Hebei Huaxia Happiness Team in the 2016 season. This time they once again joined hands. Luo Guofu is confident that he can communicate well with Li Tie. Li Tie will also examine the old in training and warm-up games.As a naturalized player, Luo Guofu’s ability to quickly merge into the national football team is also the focus of external concern. Therefore, he said that he and most of his teammates had previously realized that integration should not be a problem, and in terms of Chinese language learning, Luo Guofu is ready.”I will study my freshman little by little, and it is estimated that it will not be a problem after a few months.”At the end of the interview, at the request of the reporter at the scene, he also showed a Chinese he could speak,” I am Luo Guofu, I am fine, how are you?”Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Xiaofan, editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Li Ming