2018 Premier League Arsenal 3-1 win Leicester City Arsenal take ten straight wins
In the early morning of October 23, Beijing time, in the ninth round of the 2018-19 Premier League, Arsenal took the Emirates Stadium to defeat Leicester City 3 to 1 and scored a 10-game winning streak.Aubameyang scored twice, Ozil passed the shot, Bellerin sent an own goal.(Review of the highlights of the game) Arsenal reverses Leicester City Ozil meritorious match Highlights: Arsenal win 10 consecutive victories: After defeating Leicester City in a reversal, Arsenal won 10 consecutive victories in the game, of which the Premier League won7 consecutive victories.  Aubameyang scored twice: Aubameyang, who came off the bench in the 61st minute, scored a second victory in five minutes.This is the seventh goal he scored in the last five games. This season, he has scored 8 goals, including 6 goals in the Premier League.  Bellerin made 4 goals: Bellerin became the focus of this game, he sent an own goal for his opponent, and then devoted two assists, also spurred Arsenal’s third goal, the performance is very positive.  Tencent Sports Selection MVP: Ozil played as team captain in the game and scored twice in Ozil’s goal. This was the fourth goal he scored in the last six games and the third in the Premier League this season.ball.Ozil scored 30 goals in the Premier League and became the German player with the most goals in the Premier League.Wonderful review: Arsenal came out with a 4231 formation, Lacazette rushed forward, Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Iwobi ambushed, Zaka and Torreira doubled their backs.On the back line, Mustafi and Holdin partnered with central defender, Lichsteiner and Bellerin left and right, and the goalkeeper was Leno.  In the 6th minute, Madison scored the ball, and Ichinaggio’s long shot from the top of the arc was struggling to save the bottom line.In the 17th minute, Holdin had a very obvious handball during the top of the penalty area, but the referee ignored the penalty.In the 20th minute, Madison made a free kick and Maguire’s header was again saved by Leno.  In the 26th minute, Ivo scored and Lacazette’s top rib made a long shot and flew out of the baseline.In the 31st minute, Endidi scored a goal in the middle, Chilville left on the left and inserted into the penalty area to attack the goal. After the ball was blocked by Bellerin, he changed the line and flew into the corner. Leicester City led Arsenal 1-0, The Premier League official reconstruction ball counts as Belin Oolong.  In the 33rd minute, Zaka’s free kick was shot by Schmeichel out of the crossbar.In the 40th minute, Zaka’s free kick missed the right post.In the 42nd minute, Iwobi broke into the penalty area and the right-wing goal was saved by Schmeichel from the bottom line.In the 45th minute, Zaka scored in the backcourt, Ozil’s top rib took the ball to the right wing, Bellerin inserted a low pass, Ozil left foot shot and the left post was shot into the net, AssenNa pulled the score to a 1-1 draw.  In the 58th minute, Madison passed the corner from the right, and Endy Di’s header hit the crossbar and pulled down.In the 63rd minute, Ozil sent a wonderful straight pass, Bellerin quickly inserted into the penalty area right-wing pass, Obameyan just came off the bench and plagiarized the door easily into the net, Arsenal overtaken Leicester City 2-1.  In the 66th minute, Arsenal sent out a wonderful pass-and-match. Bellerin made a cross from the right. Ozil made an accurate leak and inserted forward. Lakazette made a direct stop. Ozil faced Schmeiche on the right side of the penalty area.Al selflessly scored the ball, Aubameyang easily hit the ball into the empty goal, Arsenal extended the lead 3-1.  In the 78th minute, ?zil broke into the left wing of the penalty area and Lakazette’s close-up attack was blocked by Schmeichel.In 84 minutes, Gondozi scored in the middle, Iwobi crossed from the right, and Lacazette made a small copy of the door.In the end, Arsenal beat Leicester City 3-1.Statistics: In the whole game, Arsenal scored 3 goals in 19 shots and 6 shots, and Leicester City scored a goal in 8 shots and 2 shots.Arsenal’s possession rate is as high as 69%, Leicester City is only 31%.Fans are eager to play at the first level: Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Goalkeeper: No. 19 Leno Guard: No. 2 Belerin, No. 20 Mustafi, No. 16 Holdin, No. 12 LichSteiner (61 minutes, No. 14 Obameyan) midfielder: No. 34 Zaka, No. 11 Torreira Midfielder: No. 7 Mkhitaryan (61 minutes, No. 29 Gondozi), No. 10 EcuadorZil (80 minutes, No. 8 Ramsey), No. 17 Iwobi striker: No. 9 Lacazette Leicester City (4-2-3-1): Goalkeeper: No. 1 Schmeichel guard:No. 18 Amate, No. 6 Evans, No. 15 Maguire, No. 3 Chilville midfielder: No. 24 Mendy, No. 25 Endidi Midfielder: No. 14 Ricardo Pereira (69Minutes, No. 31 Ghazal), No. 8 Ishinacho (61 minutes, No. 11 Albrighton), No. 10 Madison (75 minutes, No. 20 Okazaki Shinji) Forward: No. 9 Vardi Extended reading:Premier League top battle Liverpool dull Manchester City Blue Moon continues to lead the first Premier League match Manchester City 4-game winning streak Aguero broke the goal to lock the victory Premier League giants Manchester City vs. Ligue 1 powerhouse Lyon Manchester City 1-2 lost to Lyon