2016 Snooker China Championship match video Liang Wenbo vs Bingham match video playback
On November 2nd, Evergrande 2016 Snooker China Championship (attached: 2016 World Snooker China Championship complete schedule schedule + 2016 Snooker China Championship competition player list / signing form) continued in the first roundIn the match, Chinese star Liang Wenbo was in poor condition and lost to Bingham, the second-ranked player in the world, 2-6. Unfortunately, he stopped in the first round of the championship.In another game, Murphy finished breaking 100-4 Lectra Perry, and after going into the quarterfinals, he will face Fu Jiajun.2016斯诺克中国锦标赛——梁文博vs宾汉姆  梁文博上赛季打进英锦赛决赛后,本赛季再度迎来职业生涯的飞跃,英格兰公开赛上击败特鲁姆普拿下生涯首个Ranking champion.The first Evergrande China Championship Liang Wenbo won the seats through the wild card. In the first round, the opponent was the 2015 World Championship champion Bingham. The two had previously played against Liang Wenbo 4 times, 2 losses and dominant.Victory, not long ago, Liang Wenbo of the England Open semi-final saved the match point to reverse Bingham, and eventually reached the final to win the championship.  In the first game, Liang Wenbo came up to make a long-range fight. The bottom red ball failed to hit the top bag. After Bingham easily got started, he scored 122 points in a single shot and broke the victory., Leading 1-0.  In the second inning, Liang Wenbo had another chance to miss the long table. Bingham scored 21 points and turned to defense. After that, the game entered a long period of stalemate. Liang Wenbo made snooker continuously and then scored a red ball.After a black ball turnover at the bottom of the bag, Bingham took the opportunity to overtake the game and scored a 2-0 lead.  In the third game, Liang Wenbo scored a red ball and the call was interrupted. Bingham scored 18 points and lost the bottom bag. Liang Wenbo then got another chance and scored 60 points in a row. The total score was 1-2 behind.  Bingham took the lead in getting the best mobile phone meeting after the 4th Director’s time struggle. After scoring 41 points, the red ball on the right side did not enter.After Bingham scored a long bench again, he led by 62-2.Liang Wenbo scored 16 points and made his last red ball to be a snooker. Several consecutive attempts failed. Bingham scored the red ball to win the game and led 3-1.  After a 15-minute break, Liang Wenbo’s long platform missed the ball in the 5th inning, and Bingham scored 32 points in a row to make a mistake.Liang Wenbo ushered in an excellent opportunity to break the offense again after scoring 54 points.In this round of defense, Liang Wenbo made a snooker. Bingham unblocked the red ball directly into the middle bag. After starting again, he scored a 4-1 lead in this game.  In the 6th inning, Bingham made a 9-0 bottom black ball error, and then Liang Wenbo scored 40 points and called for defense after making a mistake.Bingham missed the ball in defense, Liang Wenbo failed to score the bottom of the red bag after 65-9 overscore, Bingham tried the snooker with the last red ball, and then competed on the yellow ball again, Bingham missed the mistakeBag of goals gave up this game, Liang Wenbo returned 2-4 behind.  In the 7th inning, Bingham started with a precision bench and scored 71 points after a break. Liang Wenbo, who was far behind, gave up the inning and Bingham won the match 5-2.In the 8th inning, Bingham caught Liang Wenbo’s long platform mistake and started to take a 56-0 lead.In the struggle, Liang Wenbo missed the mobile phone meeting, Bingham then won by a stroke, and eventually Liang Wenbo lost to Bingham 2-6, stopping the first round of the championship.  In another game, the magician Murphy encountered veteran Joe Perry. The two met in the top eight of the Yushan World Open this season, when Joe Perry defeated Murphy 5-2.In the first game, Murphy completed a single shot with 121 points and broke 100. Since then, Murphy has played better and better. He has completed 80+ single shots in three consecutive games and has a total score of 4-0.2016斯诺克中国锦标赛第1轮 宾汉姆vs梁文博  局间休息后乔-佩里状态回升明显,第5局中单杆75分拿下这局,随后乔-佩里又连胜三局Chased 4-4.In the key 9th inning, Murphy achieved a 73-5 over-point advantage, and Murphy took the first 5-4 inning to come to the match point.In the 10th inning, Murphy started when he was behind 0-45, and then cleared the game with a reversal to win the inning. 6-4 won and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Chinese Championship.  ”Live Watch”》2016 World Snooker China Championship match video live room 2016 Snooker China Championship Live