Summer tongue out playfully,Said:“OK,I know,Did I not know yesterday??But i promise,I will definitely not say it again。”
Xiao Fan nodded,Then let go。
When I borrowed the car with Lin Yoona yesterday,Lin Yoona was also joking about whether she was going to pick up Miss Sister,If summer’s words reach Lin Yuner’s ears,Wouldn’t it cause misunderstanding。
Summer puts the center of gravity of the whole body on the backrest,Ok,It’s much more comfortable now。
Xiao Fan drove the car intently,No longer talk to summer。
Xia Xia looked at Xiao Fan from her own direction,Watched for a while,Suddenly sighed:“Brother Xiao,If my sister can find a boyfriend like you,How good would that be!”
Xiao Fan gave Xia a helpless look,Summer raises both hands immediately,Said:“Ok,I’m wrong,I won’t say anymore, okay?”
Soon,The two went to work in the jade shop in the summer,After Xiao Fan put down the summer,So I drove to the company。
After entering the company,Xiao Fan obviously feels something is wrong with the Lin Group today。
“Hello, Minister Xiao!”
“Hello there!”Xiao Fan also said hello politely。
“Minister Xiao,You are back!”