“Security Manager?What about Bazhi brother?”Chen Jiannan blurted out。
Xu Kaishan was stagnant after hearing this,Said immediately:“Don’t care about this,He has other things to do。You come back first!where are you?I send someone to pick you up。”
“Ok!Thank you Xu Ye!I’m in the train station parking lot,Let’s meet and talk later。”After Chen Jiannan on the phone finished speaking,Calmly hung up the phone。
The phone just hung up here,Cheng Yu, the number two character of Jinshan Real Estate, hurried forward,Asked:“Xu Ye,what’s the situation?”
Xu Kaishan smiled:“Luck,Run and start!I really have the best fortune this year!Chen Jiannan got Qizhi done,I asked him to come back as the security manager。”
“what?Qi Zhi was dealt with by Chen Jiannan?Great!As long as we swallow Tianfeng,Invincible!but,Isn’t the position of security manager always held by the eight fingers??Just leave it to Chen Jiannan,Is it really suitable?”Cheng Yu worried。
Xu Kaishan shook his head,Waved and smiled:“Not get in the way!Eight fingers simple mind,Only fight and kill,Can’t manage people,I give him a bonus,Just let him follow me。As for Chen Jiannan??This person is capable,Also ambitious,It’s okay to give him some sweetness appropriately。”
Cheng Yu nodded,I always feel that Xu’s decision is a bit hasty,But it’s not easy to dissuade it too directly。
In his opinion,Eight fingers simple mind,Loyal,Better control,It’s actually a microphone without thinking,But a kid like Chen Jiannan,Although powerful,After all, the time to enter the club is too short,Not much loyalty,Hurriedly handed him such an important position as the security manager,Seems to be something wrong。
“Forget it,This will be on the happy knot,Find some time to persuade Master Xu!”Cheng Yu thought。
Xu Kaishan looked at the second-in-chief of the club with his face full of troubles and losses.,My heart is full of IQ conquest。
What Cheng Yu thought,How could he not think of Kaishan?But what Xu Kaishan thought,Cheng Yu couldn’t think of it anyway。
This is the so-called pattern determines thinking,Different positions,Different directions of thinking about problems。
Xu Kaishan knows,That Tianfeng Qizhi,There is a big backing behind them,Whoever killed him,Are likely to bear the ensuing anger。
And at this time, I promoted Chen Jiannan, a brat boy, to a high position,To put it bluntly, it will be convenient to push him out as a scapegoat,To bear the anger behind someone。
This two-bird strategy,Both solved the opponent,And solved potential enemies within the community,Kill two birds with one stone。
“Lao Cheng,Find someone to check the situation of Qizhi,See how badly he is injured?If the situation is okay,Let’s start a full-scale war against Tianfeng!”Xu Kaishan waved his hand,Said with confidence。