After all, he has no weapons in his hands,But he forgot a little,That is, he doesn’t even have his right arm。The left hand made the movement of receiving the knife,Unfortunately because of a wrong judgment,He just died。
“hateful!”It was too late when the blonde reacted,After all, it didn’t take long before Yinsang made a cut。
So when the blond man drew a knife and attacked, Yinsang had already turned around and blocked the opponent’s chopping.。
all of a sudden,The scene has changed。
No one thought that Yin Sang would appear suddenly,Even on their side。
Although Qin Feng couldn’t understand why this person wanted to help him,But obviously,If it wasn’t for Yinsang,,Cen Wen might be dead。
Just when Qin Feng thought that after the brown-haired man died, they would take the initiative. The change happened again.。
Suddenly there was the sound of darts breaking through the air,The goal is the unexpected appearance of Yinsang。
But the latter seems to have expected this scene a long time ago。So while avoiding the attack of the blond guy,While resisting the sudden appearance of darts。
“Neji,You are late!”The blond shouted。
“Nacho,I didn’t expect you to have such a big damage。But this is also my mistake,I fought with Yinsang before。He obviously wants to come and support,I wanted to hold him up and let you complete the task and then go all out to kill him。I didn’t expect him to shame my hand,Then get away from me,He came here first。”
When the sound falls,An Asian person walks slowly from the yard。Just like that around
Some land-level battles have nothing to do with him。
“Qin Feng,It’s not that I don’t want to solve the opponent。It’s really this man named Ning Ci who was my boss before。As an island country scavenger,Was previously assigned to other areas,I didn’t expect him to come back at this time。”Yinsang actually explained Qin Feng。