He never felt it would be so beautiful here,Although it is late autumn,But the flowers on the banks of the river are still blooming beautifully,Especially the chrysanthemum which is not afraid of the cold,Enjoy your own style。
The afterglow of the sunset,Reflected on the artificial lake,Golden light。On the bank of the river,The couples have started their romance。
Suddenly a girl came over,Pulled the corner of Laxiajian:“brother,Buy a flower for sister!”The girl is about six or seven years old,Very cute,Especially her sweet voice sounds very comfortable。
Xia Jian turned around,Smiling to girl:“younger sister,Brother hasn’t found sister yet,You can’t send it out if I buy it!”
“Brother deceived,You look so handsome,How come there is no sister”The girl’s words made Xia Jian amused,He had to take out his wallet,Found one2Handed over the round bill。
Girl taking money,A little embarrassing:“Sorry big brother,I haven’t opened yet,No money for you,I want you to buy two sticks!”
Xia Jian couldn’t help but smile:“Where can I buy two flowers as a gift?,Just give me a rose,I don’t need to find the money,Save me flowers next time you see me,Ok?”
“Ok brother!”The girl picked the biggest rose and handed it to Xia Jian,And ran away happily。Look at her cheerful,Xia Jian’s heart is sweeter than drinking honey。
It gets dark quickly this season,Before you know it, the lights are bright,Xia Jian walked alone,Holding a rose in his hand,Looks a little funny。River embankment scenic line,More and more pedestrians,But Xia Jian felt more and more lonely。
At this moment,His phone rang,He took out a look,It’s from Wang Lin,Xia Jian connected,Asked in a low voice:“what happened?”
“It’s nothing!Didn’t you come to my house?where are you now?Why don’t you make a call”Wang Lin asked softly on the phone。
Xia Jian thinks about it too,All this is actually his fault,Why do you blame others?,What did Su Yiman do to get married?,Affected his mood。
“Oh!I am on the Taohe Scenic Line,A person is enjoying the night view”Xia Jian’s pretending to be free and easy。
Wang Lin on the phone said angrily:“Why are you like this,I am waiting for you at home,But you watched the night scene without saying a word,How about this!you are2Wait for me under the bridge,I’ll pick you up,I’ll be there in about 15 minutes“Wang Linwan,Not Waiting for Xia Jian,Hung up。
She came to pick me up?The big deal is calling a taxi again。Yu Qi,Why not take a taxi,Sometimes men don’t understand this woman’s mind。Xia Jian thought of this,Can’t help but shook his head。
Walked on the embankment for a while,Xia Jian felt that the time agreed with Wang Lin was almost,Then2Go under the bridge。
Not long after he got under the bridge,I heard a car honking behind me,Xia Jian came back to take a look,Is a blue BMWz4Sports car,Xia Jian thought,Did you admit the wrong person?,He has never seen this car anyway。
Just a slight noise,The convertible on the BMW car fell down,I saw Wang Lin sitting in the driving seat and smiling at him。It made Xia Jian a little baffling for a while。