“Of course, I love you.,This can also have a fake?”
Liao Wenjie, is of course a model:“If I am ruthless to the woman,Liao Hou has long been going to the building.,Still not waiting for you to come back。”
“I’m really listening.。”
Bai Suzhen’s heart,I am too stupid.,Knowing is a fire pit and jump,But no way,She just likes,Just jumping,The kind of。
“Lady maturing,Originally true。”Liao Wenjie grabbed Bai Suzhen’s hand,Affectionate road。
“how to prove?”
“hold your hand,Old man,I use my life to accompany you.,how?”
No sweet words,Simple single sentence, old man,Hearing Bai Si Viwei Fun,She is not asking for,Have this vow,It’s true that it has not matter.。
With her affectionate kiss,Immediately floating in the bath,Liquid nitrogen special effects,The entire yard has become a demon。
“Join,Late at night,Be sleeping。”
Bai Suzhen is in Liao Wenjie,Glare,Blowing out of him out of white smoke。
I have worried that Liao Wenjie is Fan Fu,I didn’t dare to my bed,Not afraid now,How much strength is she planning to make much strength?。
“Not that it is already sleeping.!”
Liao Wenjie smells the wind,Useful,I was worried that I didn’t see the Bai Suzhen.,I didn’t dare to my bed,Don’t be afraid now,How much strength does he plan to make much strength?。
————Dizziness,Distance to peony————
Dizzitude spring breeze,Bai Suzhen picked up the ear wet show,Zhangkou in the mouth,Not lightly biting in Liao Wenjie neck。
Liao Wenjie smiled slightly,Unfinished,Looking at the sky,What did you think of,Export:“Lady,Xiaoqing,Why didn’t you come back with you??”
Bai Suzhen turned over white eyes,I bite Liao Wenjie,Unhappy:“She thought I was still closed.,Be guarded,Calculate time,It should now be asleep by the door.。”
“Attempt,Deceive sister,I have come out to find a man.,Mother, you are bad.!”
“I am looking for my own man.,Where is it bad??”
Bai Suzhen is charming, Liao Wenjie,What is you want to say?,Sudden face change,Water in the water。
Liquid nitrogen effect is more,Liao Wenjie Babell,Hand up chin,Waiting for the next soup。
Green,Xiao Yuguan is standing,Three steps,A look of a thief。
Confirmed that there is no white clothing after the body,She smiles,Liao Wenjie in the pool throws a glance,Fades in the shirt,It’s a kiss to send a loved person.。
“Join,I don’t have to see people three days.,Your heart is so embarrassed.!”Xiaoyin is complained in complaining。
More embarrassed behind you!
“no way,Your sister is open.,Even if I passed,It is also a lower entrance to the door.。”
“how is this possible,You are so powerful,Waving you can put me with my sister.,If you are hard,She can stop you?”
Xiaoqing shakes his head,In the ear:“Moreover,Isn’t this there?,It is easy to take your sister.,Taoist said, I will help you hold her hands.……”
You can say less!
“Cough,Young,Cautiously,That is your sister。”
“Don’t mention her,婢 心心,I will mention her.!”
Xiaoyan boss:“She don’t want to be the same,I still don’t let me come over,I really used people to be asked.。Ok, I am smart.,Pretend to be with the enemy to deceive her two days,Today, secretly,She is still in the drum.!”
“Yes,Yes,Your smartest。”
Liao Wenjie smeared the cold sweat on the head,I feel that tomorrow’s snakes have not ran.,Afraid of being affected,A scope crossing the pool,Hiding behind the pillar。
Liao Wenjie:|w)
“what,Where are you going?,Is it not good to sleep in the pool??”
Xiao Qing is not awkward,Get up and want to accompany,Sudden shoulder,Scared her exclaimed,Smile is stiff。