“navigation!”How can Li Tianchou manage the twists and turns in Shen Yingjie’s mind?。
“I will lead you to a big head!”Shen Yingjie secretly cursed,Opened the phone obediently,“Turn right at the intersection ahead,Take Wei Er Road,Eight kilometers east。”Talk about it,Angrily。
But then he was almost shocked by the speed of the car,This lunatic drove down three hundred yards in an instant,Although there are not many vehicles in the development zone,But they are all big trucks,If this is not paying attention,Wouldn’t you be crushed on the spot?
So Shen Yingjie became nervous again,Hold the handrail firmly with both hands,I don’t dare to complain and reprimand,For fear of disturbing this false Taoist priest。
in this way,In a terrifying battle,Shen Yingjie passed Hao Yin in a city drag racing,Unspeakable thrills and excitement,There were a lot of police cars behind the bottom,After a while, I was thrown away from a distance.。
Not more than half an hour before and after,The two arrived at the airport smoothly,Li Tianchou intentionally parked the sports car far away,Then dash all the way,Finally caught up with the last boarding announcement。
Before the plane takes off,Shen Yingjie wants to contact the instructor to report the situation,But I was surprised to find that the phone was missing,Not only that,Even the standard positioning watch of the field team disappeared,After searching every corner of the bag,She cast her unkind eyes on Li Tianchou。
joke,Shen Yingjie is not an ordinary citizen,Year-round hard special training,Plus attendance to perform tasks,Born to death may be a bit exaggerated,But the big wind and big waves are always seen,Vigilance and responsiveness far exceed ordinary people,Your belongings will be lost,It’s a joke。
“Where’s my stuff?”
“what?”Li Tianchou is innocent。
“What do you say?Watch,Cell phone。What did you move during the security check??”
“You doubt me?”Li Tianchou looks sincere,“You went through the security check in front of me,I didn’t take care of my own things,Can’t slander people like this?”
“you……”Shen Yingjie is so angry,I can’t speak for a while,At the same time I realized a very serious problem,Li Tianchou was absolutely deliberate,I’m afraid I will let go of my hands and feet,But Ling does not have any ability or means to restrain each other,Could it be true that I became the little follower of this madman?
In the Fushan Development Zone, Gangzaiwan‘Impression of Wanting’In a villa,Xie Dabao and An Yongxiang are sitting in distress,There is a mobile phone on the small coffee table,In call,And it’s hands-free。
This is a fully enclosed secret room on the second floor,Excellent sound insulation,These two embarrassed guys are as cautious as elementary school students at this time、Talk to the phone in a low voice。