“Randomly burst a lucky charm。”
“I rely on,Killing can also randomly explode items,Love love,”Qin Hao smiled treacherously。
These eight people didn’t pay attention in a panic,That’s why Qin Hao can easily succeed。
They never thought,Did not die in the hands of the scorpion organization,Actually died in the hands of the cold gunner。
But this shot,Undoubtedly exposed Qin Hao’s position。
“Sniper behind,You guys stand up,I clean up the remaining people first,”The scorpion then said。
At this moment,They saw that the sniper actually killed their enemy。
Reminiscent of my companion who was killed by a sniper,Then understand,It turns out there is a sniper behind them。
Not a helper from the trading market,But someone from another organization。
As for whose person it is,He doesn’t want to guess,It’s just that the only thing he knows is,This man is their enemy。
Venomous scorpion,I think this person is terrible,Careful thought,I must have been watching the battle at first。
Wait until they lose and get hurt。
Can hold back so long without doing anything,This is also a skill。
If he did it early,It is absolutely impossible for him to kill them all alone。
And now,Can’t tell。
The poisonous scorpion is not sure,He hasn’t figured out the location of the sniper now。
not to mention,On my own side, after the fierce gun battle and the people who were killed。
Now he looked at the people around,Dead dead,Wounded wound,Fifty people,Only sixteen or seven are left。