[Is Cola chicken wings copied with water]_How to do_Method

Coke chicken wings, I believe everyone has eaten it in the past. It contains the flavor of cola, and it is also a food that many people prefer to eat. Therefore, you can try it for the method of cola chicken wings.

When making cola chicken wings, you need to use water scoops. This will allow the chicken wings to better absorb the color of the cola and promote the flavor of the chicken wings. Also, pay attention to the fact that the scorch does not appear during the scooping.

Cola chicken wings need to be mixed with water. Cola chicken wings are a food made with chicken wings and cola as the main ingredients, and cooking wine, shallots, ginger, soy sauce, salt, and chicken essence.

Cola chicken wings have the characteristics of delicious taste, bright color, tender and smooth chicken wings, and salty sweetness.

The chicken wings are chopped into wing tips, and the wings are neutralized into three sections. Stir them with some cooking oil, pour in cola and soy sauce (ratio of 3: 1, put in the chicken wings), boil on high heat, and cook on low heatAfter 20 minutes, use the fire to collect the juice.

Pay attention to try to buy smaller chicken wings. Some large chicken wings have a lot of yellow oil, which affects the taste into the meat.

Do n’t use chicken breasts and other meaty parts. It is best to use only wings.

This dish is even more delicious when left to cool.

Is Cola Chicken Wings in Wings?
Generally used in the wings, the meat is tender and tastes good.

Practice: 1.

Wash chicken wings.

Use a knife tip to cut about two centimeters of mouth (depth and chicken).


Mix soy sauce, salt, white wine, raw flour and a little white sugar, and marinate for about half an hour.

Add very little sugar.

Because cola already contains sugar, if you put sugar in the usual bacon portion, it will be too sweet after adding cola.


Add the right amount of oil and mix well, add ginger.

If you put oil first, you can seal the chicken wings, and other flavors are difficult to taste.


Pour in cola, soak chicken wings, and marinate for about 15 minutes.

Coca-Cola is used because it is not as sweet as Pepsi.


Heat up the oil, ginger, and garlic.


Slowly fry the chicken wings in oil until golden on both sides.

Be careful not to overheat the pan, otherwise the chicken wings will burn easily.


Pour about 1/2 can of cola and cover.

After the boil, the flames simmered.


Cola turns into a paste in about 10 minutes.

Why ca n’t you eat cola chicken wings often? You ca n’t eat more cola chicken wings. Although the chicken wings can penetrate the nourishing effect, the replacement of cola is quite large.

Cola is a beverage containing cola bean extract (containing caffeine), and its composition will have caffeine in the horizontal direction. It is not a problem for ordinary people to eat a few meals.

If you eat it often, your male friend will worry about the problem again. Cola can kill sperm.

Cola chicken wings cannot be eaten often, and it is important to remember to eat them, do not eat with the following foods.

Meat: catfish, carp, turtle, rabbit meat, shrimp, dog kidney.

Among them, chicken and dog kidney can cause dysentery, and chicken cannot be eaten with carp, because both of them are more complicated and cause discomfort after eating.Other foods: Mustard, plums, chrysanthemums, garlic, sesame and glutinous rice should not be eaten with chicken wings.

If chicken wings and sesame are eaten together, it will cause death; if chicken is eaten with chrysanthemums, it may also cause death; glutinous rice cannot be eaten when eating chicken, otherwise it will cause physical discomfort; after eating chicken wings, do not eat plums, otherwise it will cause illness, To eat chicken urine white first aid.