[How to make the best stewed pork ribs]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Stewed pork ribs have a very high nutritional value and are rich in protein, which has many benefits for the human body, such as cultivating the essence, strengthening the kidneys and lungs, improving the human body’s resistance, and enhancing physical fitness.

And the taste of braised pork ribs is also very delicious, so it is particularly popular. There are many ways of braised pork ribs, and some of the tastes are not satisfactory. So how to make braised pork ribs the best?

The practice of stewed pork ribs describes in detail the improvement and effectiveness of stewed pork ribs: delicious porridge soup stewed pork ribs Ingredients: Ingredients: pork ribs 1.

5kg auxiliary materials: 30g of refined salt, 10g of MSG, 50g of cooking wine, 30g of spring onion, 20g of ginger slices, 10g of aniseed.

The characteristics of stewed pork ribs: creamy soup, crispy ribs, light taste.

The detailed method of stewed pork ribs: 1.

Chop the ribs into 4 cm long sections, scald with boiling water, and then wash with water.

(It’s best to cook it first, boiling water won’t work.


Put the ribs in the pot, add 3 kg of water, and after opening, add the shallot section, ginger slices, aniseed, refined salt, cooking wine, and simmer for about 1.

5 hours, add MSG and serve.

Tips: Wash the ribs, stew them with low heat, and do not put soy sauce. (Keep this in mind, otherwise, the soup will not be drunk.

) Keep the soup clean.

1, boil the water first, go down the ribs once (the meat is very dirty, it will be dirty when cooking, to be clean, be sure to wash with hot water), then rinse with clean water; 2, put the cleaned ribs inIn the container, add water and ginger slices and spring onions (you do n’t like oily ones, do n’t put oil, it ‘s better not to put oil).To see if there is too much soup in the container, you can add some water if it is less.

(This is not good, it is best not to add water.

See the reasons behind.

) 3, when the soup is white, you can taste it first, stew it until it is rotten, remove the ginger and green onion balls and throw them away, then add a little salt and chicken essence and green onions, and the heat can boil!

(This is not a good statement, this one doesn’t taste stewed anymore.

) If you have a rice cooker, it is best to use a rice cooker, because its heat can make you stew the bone soup very white.

First of all, we must remember to chop the ribs, that is, put the ribs in the water and cook for a while. After the water has been boiling for about 5 or 6 minutes, remove the ribs, drain the dirty water, and wash the ribs.Because the ribs contain blood and other dirty impurities, they must be removed with hot water to ensure the whiteness of the soup.

As a result, after washing, continue to put water in the pot, put more, because the most important thing is not to add water to the soup (this point is to capture the essence).

It’s best to cook it in one pot.

Put the pork ribs in, add some green onions and ginger, and remove the fishy smell. Stew it slowly with a rice cooker. After about an hour or two, you can drink a delicious soup.