“Excellent training soldier” Sun Xingming ended his military training and is about to return to prepare for the Premier League
Sun Xingming Air Force arrived at the barracks.Photo / Visual China Today, South Korean star Sun Xingming officially bid farewell to “military life” and ended three weeks of basic military training at the Jeju Marine Corps.At the graduation ceremony, Sun Xingming, who performed well, was also awarded the title of “Excellent Trainer”.On the afternoon of April 20, Sun Xingming arrived at the 9th Brigade Training Center of the Marine Corps of Jeju and officially began the “Army Tour.”During this period, he received basic military training such as marching, shooting, bayonet, chemical defense, training of systems, and military law education.Even just recovering from a broken arm, Sun Xingming’s combat power is still full.According to Korean media reports, Sun Xingming performed very well in military training, ranking “Excellent” in all subjects, shooting training was 10 shots in 10, combat effectiveness evaluation also scored, and also had a team leader during combat exercises.Sun Xingming’s overall performance ranked first among 157 training soldiers.Regarding Sun Xingming’s performance during the training period, the internal personnel of the Marine Corps paid more attention, saying that he was polite and honest.Although Sun Xingming was not an active soldier of the Marine Corps, he required himself to a very high standard during training, and he never forgot the spirit of the Marine Corps.”Hopefully he will become stronger and become a better player in the future.”” The Marines said.Today, Sun Xingming officially ended the “Army Tour” and is about to start the next stage of work and life.At present, although it is difficult to restart the Premier League, there are foreign media predicting that the league will restart in June.Next, Tottenham star Sun Xingming will also set off to return to the UK, and accept 14 days of quarantine, and then prepare for the Premier League that may start at any time.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Wei Zhuo