2019 Asian Cup China 2-1 Kyrgyzstan game video look back CCTV5 look back address
Tonight in the first round of the Asian Cup group stage game (look back at the whole game), the Chinese team under the unfavorable situation of the first goal conceded in the first half, eventually scored 2 to 1 in the second half to win.Relative to the previous invincibility, this reversal tonight can be said to sweep away the haze before.(National Football 2-1 Kyrgyzstan) (Group C’s latest standings) Yu Dabao, who came off the bench, knocked on the opponent’s goalkeeper score to look back. Throughout 2018, the National Football Team played 11 games in total, with 3 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses., The team scored 9 goals and lost 15 goals.In the competition with the national team, the national football performance was also very bad. In the final three official warm-up games, the national football team tied 1-1 with Palestine, 1-2 lost to Iraq, 1-1 with Jordan, suffered three consecutiveInvincible.(Asian Cup match schedule) (2019 Asian Cup match result prediction) (National Football team’s latest 25-man big list) (National Football team prepares for the Asian Cup to stay in a five-star hotel) (Asian Cup referee list) (Asian Cup coaches of various countries) (AsiaIn the first round of the Cup, India 4-1 (Thailand) and the national title contest, the national football team won only 1 victory in the last 7 games. The only victory was to defeat Nanjing 2-0 in Syria, and the remaining 6 national teamsIn a representative contest, the national football team has 4 draws and 2 losses.After the opening game of the national football team, the public will thank the fans before the current game. The national football team has a poor record. Many of the main players are injured. Lippi has also been exposed to the news that he will leave China after the Asian Cup.Before the start of the game tonight, the national football team faced a dark cloud, and even the third-rate or even inferior teams in Asia could not win.Faced with Kyrgyzstan today, this team of our men lost, and the opponent got three excellent chances in the first half. If the opponent grasps all, there will be no suspense in the game.  Entering the second half, Hao Junmin played, the national football offense improved slightly, and then the opponent goalkeeper sent a shocking mistake, the opponent was lucky to equalize the score.Then in the 78th minute of the first game, Yu Dabao once again scored a goal using the opponent’s goalkeeper, and the national football team won 2-1.  The national football team won the victory. Although it was said that the process of the game could not satisfy the fans, the victory was of great significance. With this victory, the national football team has basically locked a group qualifying seat.The next group stage will be against the Philippines. If the national football team continues to win, then the national football team will basically lock the group second, which will be very beneficial to the national football team’s subsequent knockout schedule.(List of Japan National Teams) (List of South Korean National Teams) (List of Iranian National Teams) Original title: The haze fades away!Did the national football team reversal in the first half and won the opening team?