Xiong Xianjun runs the first man in China
Xiong Xianjun ran in the Kunlun Mountains.  Xiong Xianjun Date of Birth: June 5, 1987 Place of Birth: Ankang, Shaanxi Running Age: 13 years Marathon PB: 3 hours 0 minutes 24 seconds (2018 Shanghai Marathon) 766 days, 154 cities, 25275 kilometers running around China, oneA little-known runner finished this feat a few days ago. He is the 32-year-old Shaanxiong Xiong Xianjun.  Xiong Xianjun is not a professional marathon runner, nor an amazing “running circus god”. He is called “bear”, but he is just an ordinary runner who loves running and marathon.From 2016 to 2019, Xiong Xianjun completed an ordinary Chinese dream in four stages.  In an interview with Sauna and Yeewang, Xiong Xianjun copied that the fifth stage of the journey began on November 20, and it took about two months to complete the running ring around Hainan, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.A complete stop on the travel painting.  At first I would meet unknown people and things on the road 13 years ago, the marathon sport is far less hot in China than it is today. There are only a dozen marathon nationwide each year, and the number of runners is very limited. I just entered the university campus.Xiong Xianjun is one of them.  Going to a university in Shanghai in 2006, Xiong Xianjun began to run and marathon, neither GPS equipment nor running software, with a passion, he started his running career on the top of the turn.Xiong Xianjun’s first marathon was completed under the guidance of the school, and he successfully ran 106 laps around the guide track.The 2007 Shanghai Marathon was Xiong Xianjun’s first official marathon. He completed the race in 4 hours and 10 minutes.In the 10 years from 2006 to 2016, Xiong Xianjun after graduating from college experienced many jobs, running while working became the normal state of life.  By chance, Xiong Xianjun and his friend ran for 50 kilometers. That was the first time he ran more than the distance of the marathon.Starting from running in Shanghai, 100 kilometers to Suzhou, 168 kilometers to Hangzhou, and 300 kilometers to Nanjing, I set myself a new goal every two months, and the idea of running around China gradually germinated, “I am deeply touched by the kindness of ordinary people.As long as you are on the road, you will encounter unknown people and stories. This is my original intention.Before and after the Spring Festival in 2016, Xiong Xianjun ran all the way from Xiamen to Shenzhen and ran 610 kilometers in 8 days.”After that challenge, I was determined to run around China.I think my body can hold up, why not play a big one?”Shortly afterwards, Xiong Xianjun quit his job and began a crazy journey of running around China.  Difficulties lasted 766 days and ran 25,275 kilometers to cycle around China, and self-driving around China. There has been a precedent of success, but running ring China is still unprecedented.Before really starting the challenge, there are a lot of problems before Xiong Xianjun, he can only solve them one by one and overcome them little by little.  After quitting his job, Xiong Xianjun first flew to the high altitude area of Kunming, Yunnan, where he spent 7 days running to experience various altitudes, determined that his body can cope with different altitudes and terrain, and at the same time, determined the general route and schedule.On September 10, 2016, he broke his boat and set off on the Bund in Shanghai, carrying a cross-country bag on his own journey.  Close to the national and provincial roads closest to the border line, run at least one marathon every day, try to run to a town where accommodation is convenient, and take a day off for a week.This is the general rhythm of Xiong Xianjun’s four stages, but during this period he encountered numerous difficulties.It lasted 766 days and ran 25,275 kilometers.  The third stage, from Kunming, Yunnan to Yecheng, Xinjiang, has a total distance of 6,186 kilometers, of which more than 2,000 kilometers have an altitude above 4500 meters.跑到云南的白马雪山附近时,熊贤军便出现了高原反应,“当天一直在下大雨,因为害怕自己失温,转而进入隧道,跑出后就感觉很不舒服,因为缺氧第一次‘高反’了。”The fourth stage was from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia to Yecheng, Xinjiang, with a total length of 6,039 kilometers. The Gobi beach and the continuous sandstorms of more than 2,000 kilometers left him suffering.” Having been blowing sandstorms half the time, one blow is a whole day, onlyIt was a car with double flashes, driving slowly in front, and I was jogging behind. After the end of the day, my hair and clothes were full of sand.”Harnessing the goodwill of passersby is the motivation to persevere. In the past 4 years, Xiong Xianjun has too many people who need to thank, family, friends, all the way, the strong support of sponsors and kindhearted people, enthusiastic to send high-end, supply strangers,”This is my original intention and the biggest motivation to support my persistence.”Xiong Xianjun said.  After running the first phase of 4050 kilometers alone, when the second phase of the challenge began in 2017, Xiong Xianjun’s friend Xiong Pengpeng joined it. “Before there was no guarantee car, he ran me and ran with me for more than 6 months.”Before entering the unmanned area near Daxing’anling, Xiong Xianjun needed to find a parking lot security vehicle to solve the problem of food and accommodation,” solved.”When I went to Heihe City, Heilongjiang, my brother Xiong Xianbin, 6 years older than Xiong Xianjun, quit his job,” escorting my running ring in China, logistical support, without any complaints, accompanied me for more than two years.”Xiong Xianjun said.  Along the way, Xiong Xianjun met countless strangers, and the goodwill of these people also made him sighed with emotion.After crossing Tianshan and entering Qitai County, two enthusiastic policemen drove a police car to deliver roasted naan, tomatoes and other supplies for nearly 10 days; when they ran down the hill of Mount Gang Rinpoche, many self-driving strangers sent food and fruit, “As long as I run on the road, I can recognize everyone’s goodwill, which gives me a lot of motivation.”Xiong Xianjun said frankly that the efforts made in the past four years were not to please others, but to complete inner cultivation.”He hopes to convey his true feelings along the way to more people and inspire more people.  Collection / Sauna, Yebang Xubang printed version of the picture / Contributor