If neither,Zhongcheng Technology may continue to fall!
It’s really that time,I will consider investing in Zhongcheng Technology!
Zhongcheng Technology is a real high-tech company,In terms of surveillance systems and drones,Have their own series of technology patents and intellectual property rights。
Just for various reasons,Zhongcheng Technology has not developed well,Always underestimated!
the next day,Stock market opening。
Exactly as I thought,Zhongcheng Technology opened a lot lower,I fell to the floor in less than half an hour,Closed the limit!
A lot of selling pressure,It seems that several falling limits are already inevitable!
I am too lazy to continue paying attention,Leave Li Qiankun to my other industries,It took a whole week。
These industries have little problems,There is no cash flow as big as a mining company,And the management is relatively clear and standardized,There is not much oil and water available!
Managers respect me,And the ability is not bad。
I don’t think there is any need to move them,But I want to order something about them,,Let them know that I’m not a fool。
Everyone is a little frightened,I’m grateful for not being held accountable!
Chapter Seventy One Transformation of elbow and armpit