Mr. Bai trembled after Xia Chenglong spoke,That’s a common but touching sentence,Finally heard from what he already said“teacher”Two words。
“Do not worry,It’s not the first time we cooperated,Also good,This time let me see how great you were at your peak。”
Since Mr. Bai woke up last time,His power reached the state of asking God,Xia Chenglong now has gone from the humble existence of the transcendent realm back then,Into the holy realm。
So what effect will their integration achieve?,No one will know。
The only certainty is,Very strong,Absolutely powerful。
“Dragon species?Hahaha,I finally waited for you。”The Dark Lord completes the incarnation,Looking at the beam of light in front of Xia Chenglong,Smiling excitedly。
“That one,You seem to have overlooked one thing,This dragon breed does not belong to you。”Xia Chenglong stood in front of the dragon seed,look up,Face up and say。
Dark Lord bowed his head,With a curious look:“Oh?save you?”
“Sorry,just me。”
“Hahaha,so funny,That old man actually entrusted such an important thing to a stinky hairy boy to guard,Looks really old and confused。”
All demise is looking down on the beginning,Xia Chenglong didn’t answer again,Because this kind of dialogue has no meaning,What he has to do is to represent today’s humanity,Let these guys disappear forever。
Chapter five hundred and forty one His peak
“Little Doll,I think you should go home,The deity is in a good mood today,I won’t eat you。”
Maybe in that era,Nothing in the current state,But in this era,It doesn’t seem to be that unbearable!