What should I do about this??
This one is the big boss,The other is the second boss,This is the most troublesome thing。
Many people have started all kinds of gossip,But some people also directly block。
After all, many people are very clear,Qin Feng and Lin Qianqian quarrel,The interests of two people will be damaged,But people like them will also follow bad luck。
How can they also eat with Qin Feng。
Now Qin Feng is angry with Lin Qianqian’s attitude。
When thinking about Qin Feng’s side,Jiang Yan was also muttering in her heart。
After all something,It really shouldn’t be like this。
Qin Feng also walked straight outside。Things to do,How to do it。
Qin Feng wants to find someone,That’s easy,Because now Lin Qianqian is by the river。
This river is not a good place,Because a lot of special situations will happen here。
“Son of a bitch,Did i do something wrong?I have nothing,What happened this time,That’s also because of Qin Feng’s situation,This bastard still complains about me like this,I really don’t want to see that bastard。”
Lin Qianqian is also constantly cursing Qin Feng,This thing is also normal,Because women are in this situation,Even many men will do such innocent actions。
“Cough,Miss Lin Qianqian,Interrupted this time。”At this moment,A person appeared behind Lin Qianqian。
“Oh,Mr James,Is there anything you need?”
Lin Qianqian also reacted,There is still someone behind me,She also forcibly restrained her emotions all at once,But the effect is not so good,She could only turn her head back a little awkwardly。
“Miss Lin Qianqian,I already know what happened just now,I’m really sorry about this,I never thought that Mr. Qin Feng would be such an unreasonable person。”