therefore,Jargon“Rubbing up,Cut up”。
But this one is different,Have found the color,The purpose of rubbing is naturally to expand the range of colors,Instead of just looking for colors。
As long as the area with emeralds is expanded,That’s rubbed up。
some people,May confuse skin rubbing with grindstone。
Grinding stone is for polishing,Fully express transparency,This will make people see that it has good color or water。Wiping mainly depends on the fog、Background and color,are different。
This jade rough,Did not disappoint Xin Zhao。Wipe off the stone skin around the three or four holes,A large area of sun and green appeared in front of everyone,That green,Very beautiful,This is the color the gem should have。
“Congratulations,Rubbed up。”Old man Wang smiled。
Xin Zhao laughed:“Tongxi Tongxi!Boss Wang’s vision,I can still trust it。”
The two babbled in business,Everyone wants a face。
Populus did not speak,That piece of material for Xin Zhao,Can’t make any comments。It’s really big,He can see through only ten centimeters,So too big rough,He can’t see through。
I thought,Ten centimeter perspective,Enough。
Now it seems,As long as the material is slightly larger,Beyond the scope of Populus,Not under his control。in this way,I still have to continue to pay attention,Increase attention,At least get an intermediate perspective eye for fun,such,The perspective range is one meter,He is more sure。
Like a jade,Actually many are big guys,Ten centimeter perspective,Really not enough。Directly over one meter,Should be very few?
Subsequently,The master Jie Shi started to cut his sword from the edge of the jadeite,Very particular。