after many years,Old school reunion。After drinking and eating, they choose to go to school for a stroll,Reminiscences like water years。I follow them,Absent-mindedly listening to them mocking the past youth。Out of school,I smell a long-lost fragrance of rape blossoms。The eyes follow the nose,I looked south。at this time,There are ripples on the lake of my calm mind。What you see is the rape flower that has not changed for many years,Huang is charming。
I greeted those classmates who still couldn’t name them until we broke up,Separate ways。I walked along the old road leading to Nanshan。
Stand under the old jujube tree,I can’t find the specific location of burying rhubarb。Its home has been submerged by years of weeds,And I am no longer innocent, my heart has long lost its position。Thanks to the dog head hanging above my head,It made me discover that rhubarb is under my feet。I squatted in front of Rhubarb’s grave and pulled out all the weeds that swallowed it。After finishing,I lit a cigarette facing the sunset,I also ordered a rhubarb。I took a deep breath。this moment,Memories under the smoke are like losing a stopped player and replaying the past scenes。
It’s almost dusk,I plan to say goodbye to rhubarb。I thought this might be my last visit in my life,I bowed deeply。Before leaving,I took the head off my head。Looking at the head of the once-forgotten Caucasian,I can’t help but sigh that the sharpest thing is not the knife but the time。It’s time to blow off its hair,Peeled off its skin,Shaved its fat。There were only two holes left in the eerie eyes。Look at these two small holes,Can’t help thinking,It was my original anger that made it a ghost and it didn’t get a peace。At this moment,It has received its due punishment,And my hatred was faded by time。So I buried this skull in a different place in my memory。I believe that rhubarb wants me to do the same,Rhubarb’s heart has always been more forgiving than people’s heart。
First37chapter Second brother is not honest
That night,I had a dream。Rhubarb in the dream is healthy and healthy,No disability。It licked me after eating shit,I also licked it with a smile。In a trance,Rhubarb and I crossed into a jujube forest。Behind a murmur,I ran into a pair of adulterers****。I summoned rhubarb and killed the vulnerable Caucasian。I took off a jujube branch and plunged it into the adulterer’s eye。Watching adulterers rolling on the ground in pain,I’m happy。At this moment****Walk towards me,Learn my expression,Vivid,Also happy。I realized she was crazy。She stepped forward and grabbed my neck,Press down。Her eyes are split,The bleeding eyes seem to fall into my mouth at any time。No matter how my brain struggles,But the body can’t move。I’m like a plant like a corpse。Under her crazy pressure,My brain is slowly hypoxia,The strength of the body disappears a little bit。She laughed in the excitement that killed me,The eyeball was finally shaken down and jumped into my mouth。When I want to give up survival in my mind,My eyes opened。
In a blink of an eye, the entrance examination came,But i still need time。But the shameless thing is time。I suddenly found myself a trash,An overwhelmed waste。Senior high school entrance examination is like a death knell, I don’t know how many people will mourn。I broke the can,Death**Up,Love it。I should eat,Should drink。Before the exam,The classmates describe each one as haggard,Sallow Muscle,Like a fallen scholar who was sucked up by the fox demon in the Liao Zhai。but me,Xiaguang,energetic,All day long,I always have the arrogance of asking who owns the ups and downs of the vast land。
The afternoon before the test,The school chartered us into the county。Because the place for the exam is specified in the county No. 1 middle school,Which is the high school I applied for。The school can do this so that we can get enough rest in the middle of the exam,In addition,Doing so is also forced to do nothing。Middle school students from other townships also came,Great momentum,Like a seasonal migration。
Our county is very small。Its pocket size seems to match its name。Yuball County。A county town the size of a fish ball。But the small area doesn’t mean it’s deserted。on the other hand,It is filled with a kind of excitement that is not commensurate with the small place。The three main streets are filled with shops of all kinds。People here have a very simple life,Even naming the streets follows the old sequential method。Every street is named after precious metals。North-south:Bronze Road,Bronze Second Road,Bronze Three Road。East-west:Golden road,Golden Second Road,Golden Three Road。In the eyes of outsiders,Every street here seems to be dazzling,This is a county yearning for wealth。People who have first arrived here will disdain a sentence passing by the Golden Road,“Thinking of money and crazy”。I just want to say,You all misunderstood。Under its resounding name is actually a poor and weak heart。There is no star hotel,Only roadside barbecue stall,And never stop。Every rainy night,It’s still brightly lit here,Pushing the cup for a cup of laughter。There is no sauna club here,Only the big bathhouse。The bathhouse is filled with a unique smell,Just like the hospital has a unique taste。A pool of hot water washes the bodies of hundreds of people,The blue-green hot water in the morning is neither blue nor green at night,Is an indescribable color。It couldn’t be better to explain with concentration,The pool water in the morning is like pure water,At night it becomes porridge。No KFC here,No mcdonalds,No chicken rolls and no hamburgers,There is no underground mall with tens of thousands of square meters,There are no buildings above twenty stories。
But i love everything here。Everything。A leaf,One meter of sunshine,A dust,A breeze…….
The County No. 1 Middle School I applied for is located at the intersection of Huangjin 1st Road and Bronze 1st Road。In terms of population distribution in the entire county,It’s a little deserted here,There are very few hotels。The pressure of the senior high school entrance examination makes this already saturated county seem stretched。The hotel near the school has been completely taken up。I did not choose to live with my classmates。Because all the hotels near the school start at a price,In order to save money, the teachers set the hotel north of the North Bridge。This North Bridge was originally the gateway to and from the county,Later the county was expanded,The meaning of the county boundary belonging to it disappeared。However, the county seat is also the border of the county seat,But one of them is at the south end and the other at the north end,Very far apart。