Shen Yingjie shook his head like a rattle,“wrong,Human Resources,Just beckoning and shouting to work directly,Why did you pull the old man in?Don’t guess,Let me tell you directly,That Li Tianchou is so good。”
Hua Yun was almost happy,I want to be unconvinced with others、Not satisfied,Don’t bury it like this。Moreover, Li Tianchou is currently wanted, and he cannot be protected.,I took a big risk on the construction site two days ago to help,Before you have time to thank him,How can I trouble others again?。
Step back,It seems that Li Tianchou’s numbers of rivers and lakes will not play a big role in solving the current crisis.,Hua Yun shook her head,Lazy retort。
Shen Yingjie disapproves Hua Yun,Don’t worry,She poured a glass of water slowly,Sit down,“Although I am only responsible for your safety,Not much involved,But I know more than you。What did Li Tianchou ask Yuanling to say that day??He suspects that the chief agent behind the scenes is a gangster named Sun Guaizi,Right?”
Hua Yun nodded,“Yes。”
“Sun Guaizi is Fukuyama’s gangster,He played all kinds of tricks to drive us out of Fukuyama。Dealing with this kind of hooligan can only be more hooligan than him,Li Tianchou has great potential,Absolutely professional。”Shen Yingjie shook his head,I am very satisfied with my evaluation of Li Tianchou。
“Do you know how to respect others when you speak?”Hua Yun frowned,Obviously feel uncomfortable。
“Don’t be angry,I’m telling the truth。How did Li Tianchou deal with the hooligans on the construction site that night?That method scared Sister Yuanling enough,He also said that the first time I saw such a bloody scene,The definition she gave to Li Tianchou is……brutal。Hee hee,I didn’t say it。”Shen Yingjie actually smiled heartlessly again。
Hua Yun is angry now,She threw the chopsticks on the table with a wave of her hand,Get up,“I won’t tell you。”
Shen Yingjie hurriedly reached for Hua Yun,“it is good,Good,I won’t say bad things about him。Listen to me。”Hua Yun was pulled out of her temper,Had to sit down again。
“The dilemma we are facing now,Big or not,Not small。The reason is not easy,It’s because the opponent we are facing is a local gangster,Honestly, confrontation may not be effective,So take extraordinary measures。“Shen Yingjie is really serious。