Xia Jian sighed,Said in a low voice:“Today is the 28th of the twelfth lunar month,Do you have something to let go,Let’s wait until the Chinese New Year is over”
“President Xia!Your family is enjoying the New Year,But our house?I can’t pass this year。Plum is back,She wants to divorce me,Also divide the property,Divide children。You said she was trying to drive me to death,You have to take care of this”
Chen Gui said,Kneeled on the ground with a very exaggerated thump。Ma Yanhuo,She yelled:“What are you doing Chen Gui?Did you deliberately prevent us from eating this meal??”
Xia Jian sneered coldly,Reached out and helped Chen Gui and said:“Take me to your house,I want to see this plum,See what she wants to do”
“You don’t go,Let me go!I am the village head,If she is disobedient,I told her to go to the police station to celebrate the New Year”
Ma Yan walked outside the door。
Ma Dongshan take a look,Busy telling my daughter:“Yanyan!Let Xia Jian handle this kind of thing。It’s no use if you go,How can you say that you arrest people?!Woman like this,It doesn’t make sense at all”
Dad said this,Ma Yan had to return。Xia Jian glanced at Ma Yan and said:“Eat and bring the kids!It’s better for me to handle this kind of thing。Since Meizi ignored the law,Then we will not take the path of the law。
Xia Jian said,Grabbed the coat on the hanger,Greet Chen Gui to lead the way。When they walked out of the room,The sky is completely dark。
Xiping Village at this time,It has a strong new year flavor。Xia Jian and Chen Gui walked slowly,He asked Chen Gui quietly:“Why don’t you go to Wang Youcai for such a thing?,He is hanging out,Dealing with plums should be a piece of cake”
“I’ve been there,But he said you are back,Let me ask you for help。I know he doesn’t want to care about me”
Chen Gui said,Xia Jian suddenly realized,It turned out that Wang Youcai made the evil,It’s no wonder that Chen Gui knew this when he came home。
“Hey!In a moment you go call Wang Youcai to me too,The effect will be better if we go alone”
Xia Jian called to Chen Gui who was walking in front of him。
Chen Gui was a bit dull:“Ok!I’m going”
Xia Jianmeng looked up,It turns out that they have reached the gate of Wang Youcai’s family。Watching Chen Gui walk in through the big iron gate of Wang Youcai’s family,Xia Jian suddenly remembered an event that happened here before。
That’s why he kicked Wang Youcai’s family god to death。Memory is still there,But everything has changed drastically。I can’t find any shadow of previous years here。
“Yo!President Xia,Why don’t you go in and sit at the door??”