Unfortunately he can’t win!
He felt the clothes behind his back had been cut,I feel the skin on my back cut open,Just because the sword is too fast、Too sharp,The blood from the wound has not had time to flow out。
He has given up in despair,Closed eyes。
“Junior,Dare to do!”
There was a loud shout in the air,No one arrived,A phantom palm fell from the sky and took a picture of Chen Xiu。
“It’s just that the palms of the palms of true energy are so sharp.!”
“This is a master!”
The palm hasn’t been photographed yet,The palm wind has suppressed Chen Xiu’s legs,The whole foot fell into the mud,I had to abandon Liu Yibai,Raise the sword towards the giant palm。
“Break me!”
The tip of the soft sword in Chen Xiu’s hand is from bottom to top,An arc,Stabbed towards the giant palm。
Giant palm pierced,Chen Xiu was beaten to the ground for another half meter,I was slightly surprised in my heart。
A white outfit,Watching a man in his 30s fall from the sky,Liu Yibai shouted in surprise。
“Useless waste!”
The man looked back at Liu Yibai,Look at Chen Xiu at the same time,Nodding frequently,Applauded:“If you are less than 30 years old, you are already in the eighth rank,Not bad……You are so nice!”