“Cut two catties of beef for the old man,Two pounds of pork loin,Cut half of the lamb for me!”
“Master Zhong,Your family is your elder,Can you eat so much??”
The wolf demon’s eyes widened:“This meat can get fresh red,Store and eat slowly,Why not let me send you fresh ones every day!”
“You little wolf te so much nonsense,I can’t eat this meat at one meal!Besides, the old man can’t help some ineffective students!”The black-clothed old man widened his eyes。
“Got you!”The wolf demon waved his paw,Cut two catties of beef、Two pounds of pork loin,Cut half of the lamb。Even more packed,“Do you want me to bring you home?”
“The old man is a natural master anyway,Is it really impossible to get some meat?,Just pack it!”
“Your old man walk slowly。”
Li Ming’s Avatar,Carrying some meat,Walk to the clock house。
Along the way,Shemale promiscuous,But many greet him。
Small town here,Although it is a small town,But it’s at the junction of shemales,Location is heavy,Can be called a fairy city。
Almost every inhabitant has some Qi refining realm,This is true for both the human race and the monster race。
About half of the residents are innate masters。Brother Zifu、There are many real people in Vientiane。
There are also three Yuanshen Taoists!
So the wolf demon’s second wolf,It’s just the job of a butcher!
of course,It’s not easy to be a good butcher these days,That’s the one from slaughter to sale,It’s quite high。