That tea tree looking at the door,Su Qing is also couldn’t help but,After all, when he left, the tea tree was budged, but it didn’t have so much lush now.,This is only so lush.。
Envoy,Looking at a hearty table,He is also a glimpse。
“Li brothers,Let’s not be so bad.?
I can’t eat it.。”
“Hey-hey,There are also village heads,Take a while,By the way, I called two people.,Su Da Ge will not be angry?”
I heard Li Hui’s explanation,Su Qiang Xiao:“I am angry.,Someone eats more and drink more,But who is another two people are.?
I don’t know?”
“Forehead,Should not know,One is the secretary of the town,One is my high school classmate。”
“Oh,It’s all your friends, that is my friend.,But the time I left.,Little Li, you have changed very big.,Do you have experienced something??”
Just finished this,Xu Laifu is also holding a hooka.。
I entered the yard,Fusing with Su Cool,greet,After all, Su Yang is rich.,And the relationship between Su’an and Li is also known.。
With Xu Laifu’s coming,Very fast Han Shanshan is also driving with Shen Tian Si.。
Today, Han Shanshan heard that Li Hui Feng also invited a very rich friend.,She is also deliberately dressed up.。
Although I haven’t worn the evening gowns so exaggerated,But a hanging dress is also just right to show her near perfect body.。
Exquisite faces do not apply any powder vessel enough to be beautiful,I still draw a light makeup today.。
A pair of black exposed toes high heels wearing a bit of a little more charm。
Li Hui Feng seeing Han Shanshan’s dress is also a glimpse.,At the same time, I also feel amazing.。
He suddenly understood why someone would say that there is no ugly woman only won’t dress up.。
Han Shanshan, this dress is beautiful, and it is beautiful.。
“Su big brother,This is the Sand, I have said to you.,This is my old classmate Han Shanshan。”
Su Qing is also surprised by Han Shanshan’s beauty.,If it is before, he was stunned to the appearance of Qin Su Ya.,After all, Qin Su Ya’s beauty is not like the beauty of all.。
But today Han Shanshan’s beauty is let him feel what is the country.。
Han Shanshan’s beauty is the kind of beauty that makes people want to get.,I want to conquer the beauty。
“Hahaha, I was still talking to Li Brothers.,I didn’t expect two people to come so soon.,It is my pleasure to meet the dinner with two.。”
“Where,Since you are all Li brothers,We also have a guest.,What is the first to sit down??”
Shen Tian Si’s first eyes are also recognized,Why didn’t he think of it all, Li Hui’s high people behind the wind are actually Su Qing.。
Su Liang is in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, but a celebrity,The youngest tenships,The legend of the white hand started,There is such a person to rely on the mountain,He also understands why Li Failee will have so much money to contract the mountain.。
“OK,Let’s take it first.,First sit。”
Li Hui Feng is just a simple introduction.,A few people are familiar with it.。
soon,Li Hui also took out a few bottles of wine directly.,Then I personally give it to everyone.。
Han Shanshan didn’t want to drink,But I heard Shen Tian Si, I have to experience a feeling of living in the country tonight.,Don’t help but don’t say a little。
Han Shan Shan’s joins,Drinking emotions is also instantly high.。
“Li brothers,We also have a lot of wine.,When your big brother asks you a sentence,You can tell me the truth.。”