“Li Xiaoyi,Incident in trouble,Jiang Jiazhi, you,As long as you open,Jiang Jia will help you with the strength of the family。”
“Hey-hey,Jiang Jie,This is not necessary.,I am a good friend with ginger sister.,The same is true for grandfather with Jiang,You are exported,Let me be unfold。”
Jiang Nhang heard that Li Hui said.,It is also a laugh:“Row,The devil, your industry, our ginger will help you look,Rest assured is the kind of photo that does not charge you any fees,How?”
“Forehead,This is somewhat bad.?
After all, ginger is actually a little shares inside.。”
Li Hui Feng, this exit,Jiang Shuyan has some embarrassment:“That’s all you gave。”
“Hey-hey,I am willing to。”
The more I say that Li Hui Feng is so,Jiang Ni is, the more I feel that my grandfather has left the forefront.。
The only thing that makes it surprises,The position of the owner is actually separated.,Originally, she thought it would pass to my father.。
But but I didn’t expect to pass directly.。
despite this,She is still in charge of it.。
Although there is no ability to use Jiang family alone,But only the shallow knowledge learned,She already knows how to avoid meridity。
It is because,The people of Jiang family have been cleaned up by her.。
Because she is also steadily sitting on the home of Jiang Jia。
same,She has also selected the next generation of housekeys.,That is ginger sister。
Ginger sister’s talent can be a little bit bad more than her,The only shortcomings are too much to play,Don’t like learning。
But if Jiang Jiang, if you work hard,I am afraid it will not be under her now.。
Jiang Shuyan is nothing to know about this sister.,But she can see a lot from her sister.。
However, these ginger neon is impossible to tell Jiang Shuyan.。
Because the exposure in advance will increase the burden on Jiang Shuyan in advance.,Maybe you will still ruin each other。
The two do not stay in the latter market,But after getting a master,I took the ginger to one’s ashes in a hurry.。
With the two,Li Hui Feng alone is also a little bit lost.。
Originally he thought this time,100% can find Qin Su Ya,The result is still empty.。
He always feels that Jiang Taoyi knows that Qin Su Ya is located.,But it is always not telling him.。
Especially those of Jiang Taiyi said,He feels even more distant from him.。
Next day,He is directly looking for it directly in the city。
But what he is looking for some original,That is to take a photo of Qin Su Ya.。
The result is naturally no investigation。
I immediately went directly to Sea North Province.。
At the place where he first goes in Sea North Province or a big bend market。