The little golden man looks interesting,I just wanted to jump into the sea and take a closer look,Bang,An air wave threw it directly into the sea,A black flame fell from the sky to the shore,Swaying a weird light,The whole sea of vitality is shaking。
The sound of rumbling outside the gods is constant,Also shook the sky of the sea of vitality,That’s Li Tianzhen’s pain*And rapid gasps,The little golden man cried out that big things were bad,Swim quickly to the shore,I screamed at the sight of the black flame。
suddenly,Dazzling green light,The green rune in the sky instantly turned into pieces like weathered,But did not dissipate,Instead, there is an invisible force that gathers the fragments into a cloud and spins around the beam of light.,The next moment it flies to the shore like lightning,Hit the black flame,Unleash a dazzling brilliance,A roar of Ruoruuowu quickly went away,The black flame was bombarded by the green light with no scum left。
Xiao Jinren’s eyes widened,This powerful light still hovering on the shore like a cloud,The cloud is composed of extremely small particles,Every particle is actually a rune,Deja vu,But I can’t remember what the text is,Searching for intestines, trying to retrieve lost memories,A phantom of Li Tianzhen’s face rises over the coast,Vaguely, you can also see that the skin made by the soul of life is burned like black charcoal,But don’t care about the pain,Staring at the rune with grinning teeth。
“That this is also a divine text?”After a long time,Li Tianzhen sighed,Like the little golden man,Seems familiar with runes,But can’t recognize,The ecstasy that just killed the black flame,I was washed away without a trace。
“You beat it?”
“Barely,But those three unicorn beasts are still too powerful。”
“Don’t worry,I vaguely remember this rune seems to be supplemented by a certain mental method to be able to recognize,what,wrong,Should be a kind of exercise,Uh,Don’t worry,Don’t worry……”
“I’m in no hurry,Think about it slowly。”Li Tianzhen sighed,Don’t expect more,I am afraid that the level of opening of the little golden man’s mind will lag behind his awakening,Instead of spending here,Better to recharge,Participate in research‘Nine Demon Swing’The knife,Although the annotations are also divine,But more pictures,Still go‘Seal of God’s Punishment’The way。
This time I spared my life in the Demon Suppression Tower to let the black flame burn,Sure enough,Runes were born in the colorful light field,And put out the flames in one fell swoop,Rune has such a sharp attack method,Make Li Tianchou incredible,If you understand how powerful a rune is?It seems to be true knowledge in actual combat,There is always gain after playing,But this time I suffered a lot,Was burned to death,But he was suddenly attacked by a two-headed basilisk,With a tail sweep, he almost disappeared,I’m scared after thinking about it。
Stabilize the soul,I’m afraid it will take another day to recover,Li Tianchou simply joined‘Nine Demon Swing’See the practice together,After a little insight, he went into the Demon Squad Tower to fight,The cave on this dangerous peak is extremely hidden,And the mountains are big,The roundup team will be hard to find for a while,Zhang Zhiqiang wholeheartedly escaped,After leaving the enclosure,Don’t dare to slaughter creatures in a short time,So I feel a little relieved。
As Li Tianzhen disappeared,The heavy soldiers who besieged and arrested were also dragged near Funouping,Guo Yuxi has not had time to get angry,Hurried to Maojiaping, sixty miles away,Because around ten in the morning,The police officer in ambush over there finally found the trace of Zhang Zhiqiang。
This is big news,Guo Yuxi had to swallow the fire all night,Quandang is not bright on the east and bright on the west,After a brief explanation, he took Sheng Guangda and a field worker to leave,The command to round up Li Tianzhen is temporarily handed over to Xiao Yadong,Although he has conflicts with this stubborn donkey,But still trust the person’s ability and integrity,Except Shengguangda,The other five members of the special service team also stayed,It shows that Guo Yuxi attaches great importance to Li Tianzhi。
The entire arrest work has actually entered a strange stalemate state,Gazing at the beautiful and picturesque Jinggang Mountain,Xiao Yadong is under pressure,The tightened eyebrows never stretched for a moment,He is convinced that Li Tianzhen is in these wild mountains,But searching is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack,Various technical means and advanced equipment take turns,The helicopter was dispatched no less than five times at night,The drones brought have all been released,The amount of manpower and material resources consumed,Unprecedented。