[What part of the river mussel to eat]_How to eat_Eating part

The main function of the river mussel is to implant pearls. As a kind of jewelry that is basically loved by women, pearls have a very high demand in the market.

At the same time, river mussel can produce pearls, and river mussel meat is also edible.

The taste of the mussel meat is similar to that of oysters, but not all parts of the mussel can be eaten. So where can I eat the mussel?

The correct way of eating mussels ca n’t be cooked immediately. Prepare a pot of clear water, drop a few drops of oil in the water, and pour the mussels into the pot.Breath, so you can spit out the sediment, change the water several times, repeat several times, back and forth for so many hours, the sediment in the shell will spit clean, but you can not put too much oil, so it willSuffocated river mussels.

1. Bacon-fried river mussel is a classic dish. After washing the mussel, put it in the pot with the bacon, add spring bamboo shoots, put in enough water, add ginger, and cooking wine together. No need to add salt.Because bacon is salty, and river mussel meat is also rich in salt, you don’t need to put salt. River mussel meat is cold, and you can add more pepper to blend.

2. You can steam the mussels to eat, prepare two eggs, break them into a bowl, add water and stir, add the mussels, oil, ginger, and steam for about ten minutes. Steam until the eggs are solidified like jelly.You can eat it with a little onion at the end. This way of eating, the meat of the mussels is very delicious. The original flavor of the mussels is perfectly preserved, but you must remember that the mussels must be steamed before they can be eaten, otherwiseThere will be parasites.

How to eat river mussels 3, can be used for stewing soup. After cleaning, stew the soup with dried bamboo shoots and shiitake mushrooms. It is best to stew the soup with casserole. The taste is fresh and sweet. You can also cook soup with winter melon directly.Summer, diuretic.

4. Fried white mussels in snow, chopped and chopped after washing the vegetables, heat the wok to remove the meat, heat the wok, add oil, and when the oil is eight minutes hot, add ginger and stir-fry, add the mussels and stir fry, addFor cooking wine, add the oil-consuming and raw soy sauce, and finally add the snow cabbage, simmer for 10 minutes with water, and sprinkle some green onions.

The part of the river mussel can’t eat 1. The gill of the river mussel: There are two half-clamed parts between the thin skirt of the river mussel and the thick mussel meat. The crescent shape is soft and soft.The red-like texture is to be removed.

2. The intestines cannot be eaten: there is a thin slice next to the gills, with black sand inside, one end is connected to the mussel body, it must be cut off, and the other end is stuck under the columnar axe and torn off.

Squeeze gently along the mussel body toward the hole where the intestine is cut off, squeeze out the black sand inside, drain it, and finally wash it.

There are still many people who ca n’t eat river mussel. The mussel meat is suitable for most people, and it can prevent diseases, but there are three types of people who ca n’t eat it.

1, mussel meat is cold food, people with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat mussel meat.

2. People with allergies are forbidden from eating mussel meat. If you accidentally eat mussel meat, which leads to allergies, you should go to the hospital immediately. In minor cases, you can take allergic drugs and apply ointment to allergic areas.

3, the stomach is not good, people who are prone to diarrhea can not eat river mussel meat, river mussel meat is cold, it is easier to diarrhea after eating.