[Does honey milk?]Lactation_Will it

After giving birth, if people choose to replace it with breast milk, they usually need to supplement a certain amount of nutrition so that they can use it to milk and ensure that the baby has sufficient milk.

There are many foods that can be milked. So, can honey be milked?

Honey can not be milked, and it should be eaten less in pregnant women, because honey causes adverse effects on maternal constitution.

Here are some foods for you to drink.

1. Pig trotter soup. Many people who have been mothers know that trotter soup is completely beauty and beauty, and it is also a good helper for milking. The new mother can let the family buy some trotter soup and drink it.

2. Sturgeon soup Sturgeon is rich in protein. With a small amount of soup, it can not only provide some nutrition to the mother, but also help the mother to milk.

3, legumes The protein in legumes, and the trace amount and the amino acid required by the human body are too much, it can be said that the nutritional value is quite high. At the same time, it also has a good effect on helping the mother to milk, so the mother canEat some tofu, soy milk and other legumes.

4, papaya may be, papaya can be breast enhancement, but in fact it is also effective for helping mothers to milk.

Because papaya contains a kind of papaya, which can stimulate the secretion of the mammary gland, thereby helping to milk.

5. Daylily Daylily contains 14.1 grams of protein per 100 grams of dried product, which is almost the same as that of animal meat.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that day-lily is beneficial for wetness, wide breasts, diuresis, hemostasis, and lactation.

6, Zhibai taste fresh and refreshing, rich in nutrients, a variety of minerals, proteins and so on.

Chinese medicine believes that Zhibai has antipyretic, anti-thirsty, diuretic and prolactin effects, but new mothers with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat too much.

7, lettuce is rich in minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, especially the leaves, it is best to eat together.

Chinese medicine believes that lettuce has the effects of clearing heat, diuresis, activating blood, and passing milk. It is especially suitable for postpartum oliguria and milkless people.

8. Nuts, nuts, protein and trace elements. It is recommended that mothers crush the nuts and drink them when eating.

Without any added nut powder, it is a good lactation food for new mothers.