2017 F1 China Awards Official Ticketing New Ticket Wallet No Pressure
In the brand new 2017 season, how many good shows in F1 are about to be staged?Whether it is the engineering challenges brought about by the new rules of the race, or the butterfly effect of the personnel changes of the team caused by Rosberg’s sudden retirement, people are convinced that this year’s race will have a good show.As the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, the ticket sales of the 2017 F1 Heineken China Grand Prix sponsored by the F1 global partner Heineken officially started.This year’s event will be held on April 9th, and the newly-launched concessionary ticket will meet the needs of fans.Not to be missed is that the B stand area, which was originally loved by fans, turned into a river and lake, and a limited number of grass tickets were issued. The price of the F grass ticket area has also been adjusted downwards, so that loyal fans can have the opportunity to come to the scene to feel this.The charm of sports.Grandstand B turned into a new comeback. The timing of this year’s F1 Heineken China Grand Prix was adjusted to the second leg of the season.This means that after the Australian Open, the Chinese Grand Prix on April 9 will be followed.This year, F1 will carry out reforms in racing design and tires.Higher downforce and wider tires will bring re-speed.Therefore, the more advanced the competition, the more challenging the team and the driver are at the beginning of the season.Who can stand on the podium will also include suspense.  But with these points, there is still good news this year. I believe that the fans will cheer for it, that is, the area where the original B stands is located. This year, it will be reopened to fans by means of grass tickets.The B stand, which was once at the end of the main stand straight, can be said to carry the most beautiful and impressive memories of the Chinese station of countless car fans.Because from there, you can clearly appreciate the most challenging section of the track, the combination of 1 to 4.Even big-name drivers can make mistakes here and slip.Or an overtaking or accident that is related to the ultimate champion, just before your eyes, will definitely make you hooked.More parent-child discounts nowadays F1 is getting younger and younger.In the currently determined driver class, there are three post-95 drivers, Vestapan, Stoll and Aokang.From the perspective of the car fan group, the proportion of young car fans is increasing.Therefore, this year, the F1 Heineken China Grand Prix tailored the F1 parent-child ticket for car fans under the age of 16, and designed the most favorable family package for each warm racing family.The two-day package covers the A, H, and K stand areas, and the types are intimately divided into one large and one small and two large and one small.  I hope that this competition can attract more and more car fans to come to the stadium and feel the charm of F1, the world’s top speed motorsports. At the same time, learn from the teamwork of motorsports and the tenacious fighting spirit of the drivers to make yourself change.Better.Of course, experiencing the joyous atmosphere of the carnival at the event will also be a leisurely way to relax the body and mind in addition to intense studies.  Official ticket sales have begun.For specific ticket information, please pay attention to the long ticket network (www.Sticks.com) or call 962123, and we look forward to seeing you to join you in the 2017 F1 Heineken China Grand Prix.