but……Did he really miss it because of that??
Chen Wenjin knows not,The most fundamental reason is,At that time he believed in love beyond the ordinary,Brainwashed by many fantasy love stories,Misunderstanding that super friendship before marriage is a tarnish to the purity of love,So there are several opportunities he knows well,He chose to give up,Because I believe——If love lasts for a long time,How are you going to work?。
When he was young,Of course firmly believe,He and Huihui will join hands forever,and so,He can wait,Can bear。
‘How innocent it was back then……Love that never broke the zero distance,Not complete at all。’Chen Wenjin suddenly put his hand on Hui,I immediately felt her tense tightness,But pretending to be calm and sincere:“Just want to hold you。”
Hui grabbed Chen Wenjin’s hand,Because of his words,Would rather deceive yourself,Pretending to be harsh:“Don’t move!”
The keenness of teenagers and girls is inherently strong spiritual stimulation,Chen Wenjin at this moment carries more than 20 years of life memory than Hui,You don’t need to be as smart as you were when you were young、Actually troublesome twists and turns,he knows,Just let Hui remember the feelings she never forgot,It will naturally remove the precautionary camouflage that was deliberately piled up step by step,She didn’t refuse at the moment,But not having the courage to cross。
Men cannot let women with choice difficulties make decisions,So must have courage。
“benefit,What are you thinking when in the park?”
“Don’t say this,So embarrassing……”
Chen Wenjin deliberately asked,At the same time, the distance of three centimeters that was deliberately kept close……
So the question is getting tighter,Hui’s refusal to answer is getting weaker,Turned sideways into entanglement……