After Wang Xiaopang got up,The kid wanted to follow,But he has many questions to ask Lu Menglin,Hesitated for a while。
Jiang Jinghong saw the anxiety on the child’s face,Smiled:“Sit and chat,Let me fetch food!”
Talk about it,Jiang Jinghong also got up and left。
In front of the huge round table,Only Lu Menglin left、The child and Liu Yi as a bodyguard。
The child finally plucked up the courage,Raised his head and asked:“Brother Lu,When did you practice single-handed fighting King of Fighters??”
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text Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Six Black hand
? He has wanted to ask this question since last night,I originally thought that the level of the King of Fighters was not much different from that of Brother Lu.,But that day, Lu Menglin killed the enemy with one hand,Not only stunned the audience,Even he was bluffed and dizzy,Become less confident。
Lu Menglin glanced around,Confirm that no one can hear their conversation,Just smiled,Said。
“In fact, that Yokoshima tree is right,One-handed is just a psychological tactic。I scared that Kim Jong-hui。I have watched all his previous games,Basically figured out his routine,So it was easy to restrain him。”
“One hand is just a gimmick,Let him startle,Then I was beaten up,I thought there was a big gap between myself and me,Confidence collapsed,You can hit whatever you want。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。